Hopeless humans.

To be very very honest.

I don’t see a point of protecting humans against other lifeforms.
Animals or aliens.

Especially when what really are killing people, are people.

Genocides, bombs, serial killers.
People are killing people more than any other things that are
killing us.

Have a glance :

I don’t know how accurate the numbers are, but even if
they are off by a lot, it is still a lot. Not only this,
everyday , people are killing one another
by the name of “greater goods”.
Trying to stop fire with fire, I say.
Some saves other the trouble by killing themselves.

So what’s the point protecting human from aliens?
Which probably still are light years away.
(Which might be the kindest souls.)
Or animals,
whom we INVADED and STOLE their fair share of
home when we are suppose to share them.
They were here first.
Then we kill them when they become too friendly with humans. (X)
How fucked up can humans get ?

Or even natural disasters like storms and global warming.
Which I think we pretty much deserved it.
After how badly and greedily we slashed Gaia. 
I mean , she provided us everything we need and can ever ask for.
We treats her like those ungrateful bastard that stab the hand that
helped us. Thinking only for ourselves and thinking it’s totally right.
We will definitely end like how the bastards end up. Dead usually.

Human sucks. I’ll be a cat next life.

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