Hello (:
Lol, I’m posting for the sake of posting cause …
So …
Lol, also nothing to blog about.
Ah ya, yesterday’s

Mock Asean Conference.

Omg, I tell you, it was DAMN FUN. Very fun 😀
Don’t know how to say lah.
I’m the Cambodia’s World Bank Rep.
(I think we’re the only sec 2s there, the youngest one.)
Then the first round of negotiation was ..
with PHS, Zhang lao hui zhong xue.
Okay, they were bloody well prepared.
Me, Yue Ting , KX and Marcus , don’t know what to say
just diam diam sit there and said okay to everything.
Actually not really lah, we DID negotiate, they were just
too well prepared. And we found this guy, who look like
a Hong Kong Actor, Wu Yan Zhu ? He’s form PHS. Hah.
Got alot of other things lah, lazy explain all.
But when second round of negotiation, the donno who sabo me
to represent Cambodia again. -.- I not NGO leh. Nvm.
This time round we’re with Deyi, I tell you what,
They were ALSO VERY VERY GOOD, especially that guy
he nvr put up his name tag so I don’t know what’s his name.
From the way he spoke and the things he said,
He’s really goona be a great leader. Congrats who ever you are.
But there’s one girl sitting beside him that irrirtated everyone
in Cambodia.(Lol, us lah. Not the real Cambodians.)
She had her name tag up, her name is JIA HUI -.- .
She kept … Well going against our proposal as if if the Deyi
(representing mynmmar)
accept our proposal their country will die. Then all of us
buey song her loh, the worse part is that she’s quite chio.
Sigh, wasted. Lol.
Okay …
I think that’s all.

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