Heyy! Me here to update~
Long time no update liao, so here to post 😀
Yesterday got NP, but I slept late last night.
Yahh, then late lah. Actually won’t late de,
I put 3 alarms leh! On my phone.
I’m suppose to reach school by 9, but then
I woke up at 9, was cursing like siao when I
woke up. At I checked my phone,
I’ve set the alarm to 7.45PM, 8PM and 8.15PM.
F lah, sabo me late. Siian.
And you know what I did knowing i’m so gonna
be late? I SMS-ed Mr Toh. DUCK! I can don’t
SMS him de! He won’t know! He won’t even come
down to the training to early! Walao eh… Siian
Then until now still regretting. -.-
My dumbness always,(When I say always it means
always.) embarrass me.
But yesterday’s NP very fun lah.
NP is always fun XD
But today now my leg pain until cannot take it.
Muscle ached, Sam also.

Now let my tell you why the bus is going toward the
As you know, buses only have doors at 1 side.
Did you see any doors on the drawing of the bus?
No right? So that means you’re facing at the right
side of the bus, as there’s only doors at the left.
So, this mean that the bus is going towards our left.
Logic Question. 😀

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