Ho Wei Er

Hello ! It’s 2 in the morningggg !

Hahahah, of course not . I LOVE to sleep.
Sleeping is like my favorite out of my favorite list.
It’s just that, it’s really difficult for me to have a peace of
mind and rest.

” A (wo)man cannot rest comfortably without
his own approval. ” – Mark Twain.

Thing’s been happening, you see? Many things are involved.
Emotions, being the most tricky one. These bastards just
won’t let you control them or leave you alone.
They are probably the ones keeping me up all night.
Some times my mind is blank and I’m only filled with
Some times, my brain and heart works at the same time.
Beside that, the reason why I stay up so late into the morning
is probably that … what’s that word ?  subconsciously I am waiting
for something or maybe some one. Hoping I’ll be taken away
from this place or whatever I am in.
There is something bugging me, that bug isn’t making me really happy.
Worse still, nothing really interesting or happening recently that lightens my mood.
Except maybe my ” Butterflies ” from A1 STC.
They sang ” You are my sunshine ” to me ! * grins * Sweet eh ?
Back to topic, it’s like I’m staying up all night waiting for a miracle
to happen ?
A little part of my heart feels that SOMETHING isn’t done or right yet
and it feels somehow like not completing a homework due tomorrow
and heading to bed.

Do you know what is the most annoying part of this whole thing ?
Lacks of sleep makes you fat, less taller and looks older.
Uh, the horror.

Despite me saying all these. I really love to sleep.
The sleeping process.
It’s the time your librarians in your brain put back books
that have been placed all over the place.
It’s a time where you DREAM all sorts of funny, weird and
crazy adventures.
(Which I forget as soon as I woke up, but I remembered
the feeling when I was in the dream, as weird as it was it made me smile (: )
It’s when you really can be ignorant and don’t remember anything or care
about anything, you won’t be reminded of your worries (unless a nightmare),
you don’t remember how you fell in front 100 over cadets,
you won’t remember the homework due tomorrow.
It’s like a short little sweet escape in to never land.
Ahhh . Just that it’s really short.

Why am I even blogging about this ._.
Ok. Just sharing a piece of my mind since I can’t sleep.

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