Hmmm ..

Recently, there’re a lot of things happening .

I’m kinda in a dilemma stage right now.
I know I’m being stalked very closely by some people.
Okay, but the issue I’m concerned about is not only about those.

Social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.) have brought everyone closer to one another.
10 years back, you’ll have no way to know where your friends have went without you if
they intend to keep it a secrete.
Now ? Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook tags, literally announce your current location
to everyone in your friend list. Probably, to people that are NOT in your friend list
and strangers. That thought itself is scary. Privacy of someone can never be lower.
Of course, that also depends on how much you want to share.

My dilemma, I want to post some things here on my blog,
but if you read much enough, you can see that I am a very very conservative blogger.
Because I have no control over where these information about me will end up
or who will read it.
Despite that fear, I still want to share some experiences. Sigh.

Recently, come people have been really making me very uncomfortable about sharing
almost any information at all. Some people really creeps me out.
I rethinking if I should own a Facebook accounts. The only thing stopping me is
Facebook is my photo album. I wish there’s a way that I can download all my photos.

Okay, that’s all I wanna share, but not that I have.
Just one last thing, remember this :

What you share online will be online FOREVER. You might have deleted it, but there
are ways it can be retrieved back .
What can be used against you, WILL BE used against you one day. 
Bare that in mind.

The less you reveal, the more that people can wonder.
Remember, what Susie say of Sally tell us more of Susie than Sally.

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