Was on the phone with a friend today,
he was in some sort of confusion so he called me.
He asked me whether I know XXX ?
(a girl, confusions always involves females)
I said yes, I know her and thinks she’s a pretty nice
and cute girl, at least from what I know.
Then he gave me a confused respond :
” But she seems to dislike you pretty much. “
My first reaction was HUH ? O.O
How can that be ? Like well, not that it can’t be
but I had hardly worked with her, I’d never interacted with
her and definitely not know her very well.
It’s the same for her to me . Then what exactly about
me was she disliked about . My friend didn’t know,
me neither.
I in no way had offended her intentionally or knowingly.
Sorry if I did but I don’t think I did.

Here I’m posting this is not because :
” GOSH, I hate that b!tch, she @%$%@^$#^ how can she
dislike me for no reasons?!”
What I’m trying to say is that I’m confused, and at the same time
I understood (LOL, almost typed understanded) something.

I’m confused why would people dislike a person SO MUCH
if you hardly know someone.
Okay, I’m not some saint that don’t judge someone by their
looks, appearance and behaviour but by something that they really
are laa, but I don’t go to the extend of DISLIKING the person
just because of what I heard or what I see but not understand.

Yes, sorry, I judge but I keep it to myself until that person proves my
judgements right laa.

I understood that, people don’t see things you want them to all the time.
Even though you think you’re acting like an angel already, some will
still think you’re Satan in disguise, you know ?
Okay, I’m a little exaggerating. So long you get what I mean can le(;

Yaaa ….
Okay bye, haven’t shower and it’s 1AM !

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