Hello , I am so freaking bored to I decided to blog.

My body has been aching the whole freaking day.
My neck was a little stiff yesterday,
so I made the mistake of asking my 3rd sister
to give me a massage (I know I’m such a good sister).
She almost killed me.
She’s so strong ._.
So I woke up with the whole body aching 100x worse.

Let me share something sad,
the biggest accomplishment I had today was completing
my Economics paper and ate lunch when I’m suppose to.
I basically wasted the rest of the day away.
Don’t like it at all.

I used to really like staying at home and am super lazy
even if my friends ask me out.
Now, I can’t sit properly at home if I reach home too
” Then just go out!”
NO ! Got test , must study.
But i’m lying to myself. See what I am doing now ?
Blogging nonsense, annoying my friends (HAHA)
and chaning my sister’s screen protector, which
I did a pretty good job.

Irony, when I’m busy and out I’m complaining.
Same when I’m home doing nothing.
Although I should be studying ….

Okay . Enough . I should go do something more
productive. Good bye.
Jiayou ! One last paper ! 😀

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