Now it’s the 4th day of school le.
Pass few days never blog because I was too busy, tired, home late
or can’t even get new my computer.
First few days was exhausting trying to adapt to the sleeping time and
NP and stuff, it’s just tiring.
Teachers are all very nice! XDD
Atleast that’s something good, and I’m so confident that my English is
gonna improve with Mr Rupesh being my English teacher.
But it’s only the first week of the school she MC 3 days le.
Of course my class Cheered lah. Shiok, free period XD.
My class is awesome (So far Oo) people are friendly and funny at the same
time, compared to S1 they say S1 very quite, people never talk de.
Tomorrow got raining XD Rawks lah.
But now I very tired bye.


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