Heeh I’m Wonderwoman :D

Hello hello !

I’m here to catch a breather.
Have been AWFULLY busy recently.
Yes, I’m always busy, but it’s different now.
Now I’m AWFULLY busy.
Get that straight. (:
I was infact so busy that I don’t even have the time
to read ! ): So depressing !

You understand how it feels when you see your
poor book lying there waiting for you and
despite how badly you want to read it but you just can’t?
Everytime I try to read with something on my mind I will
end up reading one sentence for 5 minutes.
5 MINUTES! But still nothing about that sentence will
be registered into my mind. Pathetic.
Reading really allow me to relax and bring my mind all
over the awesome fantasy world :3 .

Ooh , so what am I busy about .. ?
NPCC (Area, Unit and HQ soon when SYF starts.)
School (Gosh ._.)

It’s like right after this I have to rush for that ._.
Stressful you know ?

I am Wonderwoman ^^.

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