Heeeeeh .

Haha, you don’t have to tell me that.

I know I suck (:

AHHH , hello people !
Okay, it’s been really a loooong time since I’m here.

( Almost most of my blog spot starts with this -.- )

So, what have I been busy over lately ?
NPCC (Duh?),
Went for 2 area camps, Area 19 and Area 8.
(Now 3, including my own area camp.)
Now, I’m currently busy over SYFOC parade,
(Well, at least when I typed this part of the blog I was busy over that haha.)
taking Girls’ Briget . Heeh .

Tell you what, I had a WHOLE LOT OF FUN.
Really, I met soooo much new and funny, interesting people
who are all my friends now . I didn’t have to worry about things outside
of the campsite. I truly enjoyed myself.
Not forgetting to mention the awful lot of things I’ve learnt from the
I’ve improved in things like passing down clear instructions,
getting everyone’s attention , keeping cadets entertained etc.

Actually I think I have written/created this post around 1 month ago?
Or maybe less, but I no matter how can’t complete it being tired
most of the time, then I saved it as draft until today.

Really cannot tahan le so I shall just post whatever is here.Cause I post what I like (:

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