; evil queens are princesses that weren’t saved

I watched Cinderella (2015) today and it reminded me of this:

This struke me hard.
Despite me telling myself to think from different angles all the time,
this has never occurs to me. (Until I saw the picture on 9GAG).

I’m not saying it applies to all the evil queens.
I’m not saying it can’t neither.
It didn’t say “never saved by Princes”, it just says “never saved”.

It can be practically anything:
– Bad childhood.
– Abuse.
– Bad teachings.
– A very difficult background.

People are not born the way they are right now.
They pick things up along the way of life, of growing up.
So does the “Evil Queens”
> The evil queens mentioned here can really be anybody.
From the guy that committed a crime down town, to the woman that killed her husband.<

And along the way, when they were struggling, where they were lost, when they are hurt.
When they needed someone to help, to pull them out, to set them back the right path …
(From a Prince, a Knight, anyone really.)

There wasn’t anyone.
No one came.
Doing what human does best, they continue to survive the best they could.
Without anyone telling them right from wrong, without anyone understanding.
Growing tougher and harder.
Because they believe what they are doing is the only way.

How can you blame them for that?

Back to Cinderella.

The step-mother, Madam Termaine, wasn’t very pleasant.
But there are two part that stuck with me.

1. The part she found Cinderella’s glass slippers and told her own story.
It went something like:
” Once upon a time there was a girl who married for love ….
husband died …. so I married again for my two daughter …. husband died
again … unhappily ever after.”
I don’t remember the dots part. I don’t have good memory skill. Boo.
Go watch the show.
She said it like it was nothing.
But she is a human and all humans have emotions.
She is another girl married to someone she loves, who unfortunately died.
Left widowed and with 2 daughters, she have to marry someone else for the best
of her daughters, sadly husband no.2 dies also. What luck,
Loving both of her daughters (tho didn’t show very explicitly) she does hre mean stuff.
Tho some are not justified.

2. The part she says before locking Cinderella up.
” …. (Something about how good and beautiful Cinderella is) … and I ?”
She’s obviously envious of what Cinderella has and is.
Cinderella didn’t exactly have a fantastic life, but she’s gonna get or she has
all that Madam Termaine wants for herself. Things that would put her at peace.
No more worrying for her daughters.
Tho some would say people like that would probably get greedy and want more.
We’ll never know.
But it’s the intentions that counts. Right ?

Moreover, everyone is greedy.
Good isn’t enough, they want better.
That’s how things advances. Right?

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