In any kind of relationships,

if someone feels entitled to your presence or what you’re doing for them .. 
I don’t think that’s how’s things are suppose to work.
Yes, you might be there with that person for a thousand years already.
Yes, that might be what’s been happening all along.
Still, you’re a individual with dreams and hopes and if you are willing 
to let that person be part of that person should be grateful.
Not exactly the same as contentedness.
One’s appreciating and feel that someone/thing is a blessing to you.
The other one is accepting and feeling happy with what you have right now.
” I feel blessed to be able to sit around with my family to have dinner each night.”
” At least I have my family members around me so I guess it’s not that bad.”
Terrible example but whatever. 
Moral of my story, 
never ever feel that an accompany is entitled to you. 
Like “you’re suppose to be here”.
You’ll come to a shock when that person left. 
Meanwhile in other more fucked up countries like India where
man feeling entitled to female’s body just because they are family members
is totally messed up. Thank all the Gods in the sky that Singapore culture
is not as bad and hopefully the situation in such country will become better.

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