Du shu

Wakaka, was watching crayon shin-chan.
It’s so cute, probably will never ever get tired of it.

Just a few days back, I went to look for Mr F.Chan to collect
my claim form. I was waiting outside his Physics class
for almost an hour. I was listening to his lesson and
fortunately still understood somethings he we explaining :X

During his class, I heard his students asking questions,
making sense out of things, understanding ans learning.
A pang of sadness hit me. I’m so old now >:
Okay, not exactly that. I felt regretful.
Why did’nt I put in more effort in studying then, when I was
in Secondary school.
When you’re in Pri/Sec school its the easiest time of your life
to concentrate fully and have the luxury of time to do so.
As you grow older, more mature, responsibilities and
commitments comes in. You’ll realise you have more things
to worry about than studying and getting good grades.
Therefore, little ones, study hard and do your best while you
can. Poly nor JCs are as easy as they seem, and definitely the
University of life won’t go easy on you too.
Should totally have worked harder.


– A chinese saying that if you don’t work hard when you’re young and
strong, you’ll regret when you’re old.


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