Drug Abuse (Unpopular opinion)

Disclaimer : I’ve not tried any drugs before, all said here are from observations from
articles, friends’s experiences and real-life stories. I am in no way supporting drug abuse or anything similar 

(alcoholism, smoking, pain-killers, cough medicine, etc).


I’ve got this topic (drug abuse) stuck in my mind for a couple of days.
I saw this poster at one of the bus-stop a few days back that listed the
harmful effects of drugs abusing, it reminded me of some articles I read
some times back and now I’m rather convinced that drugs are not as addictive
as you think they are. Or at least not as addictive how the govt/media put it as.
(Though I believe their intentions are good, and it does deter people from experimenting with it.) 
My argument is that, what got drug abusers addicted are more of their social or mental well beings more than the chemicals in the drugs (or the chemical reactions in the body) that are hooking them on. Drug abusers are someone who needs help in their life situations instead of being discriminated. Happy people are less likely to take/get addicted to drugs or gambling.
I will support my stands with articles and sources, feel free to challenge me.
Firstly, drugs (referring legalized but abused, or illegal drugs, or alcohol and nicotine)
will not get you hooked on if you take it just once. I’ve tried smoking a few times, absolutely
nothing nice about it. Doesn’t feel nice or taste nice, same for alcohol. 
Even without actually taking drugs to know, I’m sure drugs doesn’t taste nice.
Meaning, they don’t taste like chocolate or candies, so, taste shouldn’t be one of the 
reason why drug abusers keep going back to drugs.
Then what keeps pulling them back in to taking it?
The effects that it have on the brain.
When someone’s ‘high’ on drugs:
It creates feeling of pleasure.
It also cause someone to not be able to focus on simple tasks.
They can’t think “clearly” and they hallucinate a lot. 
It numbs their senses. 
Would a happy person, with proper jobs and enough to spend want to take 
drugs? They probably still have to get back to the job they love. Taking drugs
will hinder them from focusing on what they have to do and probably give them
a terrible headache afterwards. It’s not gonna feel nice.
They have fulfilling hobbies and loved ones around them which probably would
make them feel happy and satisfied anyway.
If anything, taking drugs excessively will only hinder them from feeling loved and appreciated.
No, a happy person have no reason to flush their senses down the drain. 
It’s the unhappy people. Those that perceived to “failed” in life. Those that are feeling depressed.
Those that fell and couldn’t stand up by themselves and those that have no one to help them up.
Those that are so stressed at work, so judged. Those that felt that whatever they do are wrong.
Those are the people that wants to escape from the cruel world, one that they can’t find a happy place
to rest. So they take drugs, it numbs their senses it makes them feel “happy” and “relaxed” for the first time in a long long while. They can’t focus and so can’t remember all the harsh remarks they got 
or the remember the endless debt they are in. They can feel happy again.
This is what got them started. 
After the effect wears out, the depressing reality come crumbling back on to them.
That’s what keeps bringing them back to drugs. 
(Cough medicine, nicotine, alcohol. Same same)
And that’s the thing that gets people addicted to things.
Taking once is not enough to get anyone addicted to drugs or gambling or whatever.
It’s the act of repetitive use.
Like medicine the more you take it, the effect will be lesser each time you use it,
because the body will get use to it or the disease will get immune to it.
Same for drug abusing, the 5th time you take if you can’t feel as “happy” as you felt
the first few times you did. Then you’ll increase your dose and that’s how people
go downhill.
Looking at this, does locking them up, fining them, giving them jail sentences 
help them in anyway? Probably to some extend, but you’re not helping them see what
exactly is the problem. Then they would probably go back to doing whatever they were
doing before rehab. Plus with a criminal record, they are less likely to be able to find a job
and lead a normal healthy life. When they feel depressed again they are probably gonna 
go find ways to numb their feelings again. When they don’t have enough money for 
their addictions, guess what, they are probably gonna go do something illegal to get fast
money. Never heard of anyone saying : ” I’ve gonna work hard and earn much to provide for 
my addiction.” did you ? Exactly. A vicious cycle. 
A scientist once did an experiment.
He built a Rat Park with fun facilities and put a lot of rats in them, so all of them have
plenty of fun and friends. He also built a rat cage with one rat in it with no fun facilities, depressing much.
He then added 2 different bottles of water in each cage, 1 with heroin in it and one normal drinking water.
Guess which rat got addicted ?
The sad rat with no friends. Of course.
The rats in rats park are probably healthier than some of us and none got addicted !
Surprise surprise.
I really suggest you read this ^^^ very enlightening. 
Portugal, decriminalize all drugs. Meaning it wouldn’t be an criminal offence if you’re found
taking drugs or possessing them. Instead they treated you like a patient, as someone who needs help.
Guess what? 10 years down, they manage to cut down drugs abuse rates by 50%. 
What I am trying to say here is definitely not that drugs are not harmful.
Taking excessively everything is harmful, let alone man-made drugs.
Long term usage will really alter a person’s mental health and the brain physically.
It’s in no way good and the pleasure you feel temporarily will cause damage to your
health and your loved ones. 
What I am trying to say is that don’t just go believing everything you were told since
young. research on it, talk to people about it, question it.
If it all proves to be true, then believe it, stand by it.
It’s kinda sad that I have all these opinions and so many thinking but I no one
to share it with, no one to “argue” it with. I want to know more sides of a stories
and opinions someone to challenge my views, maybe that’s why I like to read. 
:/ Ohwells.

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