What a time to be alive.

I remember the last virus outbreak (very serious one) was SARS, I was Primary 1 or 2.
Everyone in school was given a digital thermometer, we have to bring it to school every day, and our form teacher would come to class first thing everyday to conduct a class temperature taking. Anyone with a fever would be sent back home. It was fun for everyone, some every learnt to rub the metal tip of the thermometer against our clothes to ‘fake a fever’. This continued for a few weeks and then suddenly we don’t have to anymore. I was too young to know of the severity of a pandemic, I don’t think I even know what that was.

Fast forward almost 20 years (damn) we have the Coronavirus 2019. Now that I’m grown, and know stuff, everything seems more ‘real’ to me. Now that we have internet and the Social Media, everything is reported instantaneously, people makes memes and jokes about the virus online. It’s a very different experience than SARS in 2002. Which is better I think, people with internet access gets to know about the virus way before it reaches them, giving them time to prepare. Unfortunately people starts hoarding stuff. Shame.

Why toilet paper though? What can people do with so much of it?

All these things that are happening really makes me appreciate the importance of Total Defence in Singapore. I suddenly have memories of those day in Pri/Sec schools where we do emergency drills and were rationed nothing but potatoes for recess. All for us to understand how things can be when disaster strikes. Really, what makes up a country are its people, and if the people of a country are not dependable, the country’s a goner.

While researching the Total Defence, I learnt that there’s now one more national defence on top of the original 5 (Civil, Psychological, Economical, Military, and Social defence) there’s a new one! Digital defence, which I feel is completely relevant. I like how it is acknowledged, especially important for this digital age.

As a curious soul, a tiny part of me is grateful of all these happening during my lifetime so I can witness and see how things lay out. Then I realise this is a thought only the fortunate can afford to think and how unfair and cruel this thought is to those who experienced pain and loss to the virus.

I hope after this we all come out stronger, and may we never forget.

21 thoughts on “#COVID19

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