Life is in such a mess now.
H1N1 all this stuff. Really hope everything can go back to normal.
Look, everything humans had done to the Earth/Nature are coming
back to us, just that it’s much more worse.
People can live in harmory and happily, instead they chose to
add on to the chaos, what for?
2A1 can really live so nicely peace fully,
if just everyone spare a thought for others. You people don’t have to get
so agitated so easily. Chill, think. You’re not the one with attitude,
and you’re not the King/Queen or God, people don’t have to go in your way.
Things can go so smoothly but you guys chose the tough path.
I’m not pointing to anyone. But, you guys can see, it’s quite obvious,
Our class is damn NOT united. Look at other class.
We can be the same, why not? Just spare a little more thought for other and the class,
and not just about you and yourself, you can’t live in a world like this now all by yourself.
The world don’t depend on you and your small little group to live.

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