It’s 16th March…. Hmmm Many happened the pass few days.
Lets flash back…

Thursday,12 March 2009. Speech Day.
I was one of the marshal for speech day, stand there do nothing.
Our job is to salute the G-O-H only. Basically just stand there for show.
We need to stand there before and after.
There was one think I’m very angry about.
Not fair sia. We were LEFT OUT. That’s the word…
Even Sec one got them.
After, everydody left. Me and SAM went to change.
And one senior accidentally took her boot and she was like ” OMG! SHE TOOK ME BOOT!
In my opinion, she was a little over reacting. Relax lah, if really no choice NP have spare.
Can lent first.
I saw quite sad, for some reason, at the after part.
When home very late. About 11? Think so, if not 10.
Remembered the next day have cross country, asked my father to bring me there.
Then he start crapping.

Friday,13 March 2009. Cross Country.NPAP.
I thought I was going to be late.I’m the marshal too 😀
The marshal isn’t as easy to be as you thought okay?
It’s very warm there, and we have to wait for the thing to start. Very siian
and hot. No place to sit.
Cheered and Shouted when the runners run pass.
I knew why that guy cried, the sec one guy… He’s a nice guy.
Got the info from my sister.
‘They were running(Sec 1), a girl who is gonna be the 20th is Sec1 girl,
was ACCIDENTALLY hit by a Sec 1 boy who was going to come in as 2nd.
The girl’s coupon fell, she went to pick it up, which end up she’s the 21st.
The Guy, who turned and apologize, was over take another boy. Which end up
he’s the 3rd.’
That guy cried cause he was guilty for saboing the girl.
Nice guy… Nice guy…
After the CC, me and SAM decided to walk to the MRT station.
We walked for about 15 minutes? And it was starting to drizzle, so
we decided to take a cab instead. But we can’t get a taxi. We keep walking
and ending up outside the MRT station. Then we took the train instead.
THIS TRAINING SUX LIKE HELL. I dont know was it about the day or what(Friday e 13th).
The instructor had their menopause at this young age or what, they were in a total
BAD,REAL BAD mood. Nothing really go on well.
Felt sick when i reach home, a terrible headache.
Hais. My boot feel out, flying when i saw marching down to the armory.
Not a good sign.I SAID THE BOOT WAS TOO BIG. Hais. And now, it’s a little spoiled.

Saturday,14 March 2009.
Nothing much happened.

Sunday, 15 March 2009.
I was forced to somewhere… Don’t know where for something…
Don’t know what thing. The somekind of opening ceremony for the…
The what? A… place where Taoist pray? I’m not a Taoist. My Aunt and Uncle is.
It’s boring. Altough the lunch there isn’t bad at all.

Today:D!16 March 2009!
When to pass up some homework.
Saw Jig and friends, then blah blah.
THEN THE SEC 3 NCO where release. I’m more excited then they are XD
They are all MA’AMS AND SIRS No more To-Be at the back XD
Wow, I believe I’m the first to know what are some of the posting before my squad 😀

Corrdinator: Johson Oh Chon Sheng 😀 (Over all head for S1)
Assitant Coor: Alan Pea Wei Liang 😀 (Over all head for S2), Whihc mean he’s taking my squad.
Fateha Ma’am Will be taking S1 drill 😀 That’s what she always wanted! So happy for her 😀
Ainul Ma’am is the head of Welfare 😀
JONATHAN And Kai Sheng Sir is taking S2 drills.
[Kay edit liao XD][Second Time Editing The Same Post-.-]
Ps, Sorry Amirah Ma’am Forgot what’s your posting. Very Sorry.
That’s about all I know.

Congraduation! Sirs and Ma’ams XD

Yesterday was the first training of 50th Annual Parade 2009,
it’s held at HTA, Home Team Academy. In Choa Chu Kang.
We, Me/SAMANTHA/Kevin/Edwin/Johnson Sir-To-Be/KaiSheng SIR,
waited for the other cadets from other school to take the bus to HTA.
There were some of Gerald’s friend. As weird as him, or weirder.
On the bus TO HTA, nothing really happened, we still don’t know the other school
Cadets yet. So the bus ride there was quite quiet.
When we reach there, we have to march in ==
So we all marched in as a squad, with our bags. So everyone looked weird
marching in with our bag. SAMANTHA damn funny loh, she brought her NEW crumpler bag
and she have to carry it side way then she cannot march properly.
I believe she’ll remind herself to bring bag pack next week.
Flag bearer were separated with the rest [And they can train under the shade!]
So, Bye Johnson Sir-To-Be and KaiSheng SIR
The rest went doen and start training.
Area 1 and Area 2 cadets form CONTINGENT ONE XD
We trained under the HOT SUN, after not long.Tea break ==
Never do anything then tea break liao, Nvm.
The Queue for the water is DAMN long, so me and SAM decided to go take
the food first.
It was fried wedges and a burger, ==
I have ulcer they give me this? Nvm.
Quite nice.
I and SAM then found another shorter queue for water XD
Toke the water then start eating.
Then blah blah blah.

Back to training, seriously, i must say that CI trainer is real strict…
The part i hate most about drills is to…,
stand there and do nothing. Very tiring leh! Still must freeze at that position.
We only did some basic drills,
together, the whole of Singapore NPCC cadet representative.
We did Static-turning, Sedi-A, Senangdi-Ri, Henta Kaki. That’s all I think.
After the training, that’s when the fun come in.
From the begining i saw this guy, he look damn familiar then,
after the training i asked him if he’s from Northland Pri? Indeed he was 😀
Then he got this weird friend whos nice is Weilong if I’m not wrong,
Keep disiao me! Its like,” Lol, I also don’t know you very well”
He’s from NorhtView.
Then when we move over to wait for the bus, more and more people join to
disiao me ==
Very kelian, then KaiSheng SIR kept making funny moves to the music then make me laugh until siao.
Can’t even drink water properly, in the bus BACK, wahahahah they didn’t disiao me liao.
Cause I’m ignoring them as i’m listening to music. Johnson Sir-To-Be was very nice 😀 He let me push down the chair and let me listen to his I-Pod.
But poor SAMANTHA wasn’t that lucky XDDDD
Now it’s her turn CX
She was sitting on the sit outside so…
Poor SAM kept asking for help but I ignored her XP
I know if i join then….
Reach outside OPSS at 8++
Then went home 😀

EDIT LIAO HAPPY? I know my English lan.