Interesting … XD

I like to google search, it always gives me interesting results.
And let know alot more about others.

Friday went to school for the Asean don’t know what thing then
somehow I needed to look for orchid park Logo.
So I google searched ‘Orchid Park Secondary School’ under the
image section..
These are some of the many results 😀

Err…. Okay..Afiq…Edmund…okay…
Wait, not Edmund, Andy arh?

What the hell is this?


Err… Oh! Softball. Lol.

Fateha & Hermia!!!♥

I have no idea how this got to do with Orchid Park Secondary School.

LOL! I saw WoanTing , Si Zhen, Juline & Juliana.
Ps, the rest I don’t know.

This only appear at the 2nd page,
and it’s the old logo. -.-

Got one of the photo caught my eye, but cannot post if not I will die.
Want to know what is it?
Go search yourself, you should know why if you know me quite well.
If not, too bad 😀

Bye bye ! (: