Oh woah 2022

Remember my previous post when I said 2020 gotta be the worst year yet?
I spoke too early. 2021 gotta be the worst year of my entire life LOL. I wish I am exaggerating.
So many crazy things happened. Glad I actually made it out alive.
More update in other posts, still trying to recover from 2021.


December 2020

SHN at Parkroyal Kitchener Road

Went back to Singapore for almost a month for some personal matters, it wasn’t planned and it’s wasn’t for any joyous occasion. Still, I’ll like to note down some experiences, thoughts, and emotions that went through during my journey to and back of Singapore from United States.

Took a morning flight back to Singapore and was surprised by the number of people still travelling in this pandemic, I guess life just goes on, though some people are really dressed in protective gear from head to toe. Can’t blame them tho. We got to layover at Japan, Narita, and honestly we were a little excited – it’s the nearest thing to getting to travel to Japan. However, there were only some stores open, welp better than nothing.

Stay Home Notice with ParkRoyal @ Kitchener Road

Of course we have to serve the Stay Home Notice (SHN) of 14 days in a dedicated hotel. Luckily we left Singapore in late 2018 so we don’t have to fork out the $2000/pax for the mandatory staycation.

Not sure about other hotels, but we were given one of this each to use for the 14 days.
They didn’t even provide detergent.

After collecting our bagages, we were ushered to corner of the airport to register where we waited for a bus that took us to our hotels. We don’t have options as to where we want to stay, I think there’s a rotation system within the dedicated hotels and different batches of flights are brought to different hotels. Some people got Swiss Hotel and some Ritz Carlton but we got ParkRoyal Kitchener ): Welp.

Ok before I start ranting here’s a list of things you better have with you just in case your hotel doesn’t provide – mine provided only the bare necessities.

  • Shampoo and body wash – You’re gonna stay in the same place for 2 weeks, and you have no idea what shampoo they provide you with which may suck and dry your hair out. Luckily Singapore have super developed delivery services like Grab and Food panda that delivers groceries too, so the biggest problem you’ll face.
  • Detergent (Dishwasher and Laundry) – I’m not even exaggerating. ParkRoyal gave us a set of utensils each and want us to use it for 14 days, no problem with that, very environmentally friendly , very much kudos. But can they at least provide dishwasher with it ??? We had our family members sent us some, but we forgot to ask for sponge and used hands to wash it throughout lolol. Yes, hotel not AirBnB, so no washing machine. Yes hotel have laundry services, but ParkRoyal was charging 5 pieces for $20 dollars ?! You bet our cheap ass got our family to send us detergent and washed our clothes in the basin lolol. That’s also when I kind of appreciates Idaho’s dry weather, NOTHING DRIES IN SINGAPORE, ESPECIALLY NOT IN A POORLY VENTILATED HOTEL ROOM. I heard Swiss Hotel provided free laundry services tho, welp.
  • Lots of entertainment – Don’t forget your HDMI cable. Thankfully we brought along our Switch and its dork, computer, books, my studies, hard disks, and a HDMI cable. These kept us very entertained with me almost completing Hyrule Warriors and we binged watched Alice in Borderland and Sweet Home. 14 weeks felt more like 5 days for me. You might even want to bring along a yoga mat if possible.

I think that’s about it. Oh, you should download Grab and FoodPanda too! They can deliver food to the hotel and the staff will bring your orders to your room.

Aisle outside of SHN rooms
Little tables outside the SHN rooms where meals and stuff were placed on.
Our room was 2132.

3 meals were served daily without fail (though I’m pretty sure they forgotten about us on the 3rd day and we starved till I called front desk asking for food). This is FREAKING fattening, the foods were fine, but the consistency of it plus the constant orders coming from grab and endless bubble tea I’m currently the heaviest I’ve ever been my whole life. Yes, became fat before I was released back into wild. Very sad.

Omg so much dust and hair on the floor I cannot.
Imagine the amount of dust 2 person accumulates in a unventilated room for 14 days.
I promise you it’s 100x worse than pictured.

We were ushered in to our rooms after close to 3 hours wait in the hotel lobby after a near 24 hours flight journey. The lifts were key operated where only the staff can bypass the control panel and bring us up. We were not issued any keycards, meaning if we were to leave the rooms, we can’t re-enter – discouraging us to leave our rooms. Of course no one was allowed in to our rooms, just imagine how dirty and messy a room can be with 2 weeks without cleaning supplies. We had to eat on our beds because there was only 1 wall facing desk. However they will provide you with extra sheets and duvet cover when requested, so that’s what we did and we changed our sheets ourselves.

OH YA, if you’re a smoker, sucks to be you. You won’t be able to smoke cause there’s no balcony and there wasn’t any option for us to choose a smoking room for this hotel. Some other hotels have balcony tho, so it’s really up to luck.

First day breakfast.
Foods were served in bento boxes.

We had to do the Covid swb test on the 11th day of our stay which is mandatory for all travellers coming into Singapore. We had to pay for the test ourselves but got a pleasant surprise that the test was $128 instead of the reported $200. It was my first time doing the test, wasn’t as terrible for me I just teared a little. It’ll probably be worse for people with sinus issues.

That’s all I can remember for now, will update if I remember anything else.

After the 14 days SHN we had 11 days to do whatever we want before we head back to Singapore. Yup, spent more days in the hotel that actually be back Singapore, welp. Anyway, you bet I made the fullest use of it LOL. In the 11 days, I finished the government issued Singapore Re-discovery Voucher and went to USS, Sanrio Characters Island Lights, Gardens By The Bay, and Zoo (in pouring rain). HAHAH. Had a lot of fun and met most of my friends that I wanted to meet. It was a tiny blessing amongst all the chaos of 2020. Will spare you the details of a Singaporean touring Singapore.


Got to experience the trace together app, and having to ‘check-in’ everywhere and making detours to the monitored entries and exits, even though social distance were hardly practiced. Quite an experience I should say, to see how the entire country adapted to a pandemic, and how we successfully keep it under control proving that it is very possible if people cooperate. (Can’t say the same for every country) Also not forgetting the sacrifices and hard working-ness of the front liners and delivery persons that allowed the rest of the population to rest easy which I feel is very commemorable.

On the 2nd of January, we took the first flight back to United States > Narita > San Fran > Boise.

Even though we took the pre-departure Covid test, no one from any side of the immigration requested for our Covid results. Japan not asking for it is kinda understandable since we are just passing, Singapore too since we are leaving the country. I’ve tried not to ask what U.S. is doing since Trump. No state required quarantine for Idaho too. So here we are, back in our U.S. home and trying to unpack as much as we can and slip into our normal routine before December 2020. Time to get my shit together for a final sprint for my final year here.

See you next post.

P.S. Omg why is Covid not gone yet. 2020 gotta be the worst year ever for me. Can’t wait for this thing to be over and people can live their lives.

SOAS-UOL Distance Learning (Update)

Experience with SAOS UOL distance learning

I first posted about my experience with SOAS-UOL here.

It’s been 3 modules since the start of my SOAS-UOL distance learning journey, and I’m in the middle of the 4th module. I’m currently pursuing MSc International Business Management which requires 6 completed module, so I’m about 1/2 done and hope to finish it by the end of next year (2021).

Each modules consists of 2 assignments and 1 3 hours written unseen paper (Sept-Oct yearly) as assessment, the 3 hours paper are supposedly taken at a local examination centre which you have to arrange for yourself. You’ll have to pay a fee at the examination centre but nothing SOAS/UOL as examinations fee are included in tuition. This year, however, is different due to COVID. With a lot of places in lock down and a lot of establishment ordered to close or work from home, our examinations were online. *yay*

It’s better for 3 reasons.
Firstly, it’s free, no examination centre fee to pay if you do it at home.
Secondly, the originally 3 hours paper is now “48 hours” to cater the possibilities of technical difficulties some students might face.
Thirdly, IT’S OPEN BOOK!! Hellyeah.

I would had have to drive for an hour to the examination local, if not for the exams moving online. I doubt it’ll be online next year, I’m just glad 3 of 6 paper where open book.

But do take note of these downsides:
– SUPER easy to be distracted by other task or people while taking the exams at home.
– You bet I took the full 48 hours to come up with my answers, with the extra time and it being open book, I tried my very best to squeeze whatever piece of information and examples in to the words limits.
– Papers will be run through turnitin and check for plagiarism, with it being open book, extra effort is need to not lift everything from your sources.

Let’s share some experience and thoughts of studying with SOAS-UOL thus far.

Ooo woah knowledge

Even though there’s no lectures or classes, reading really does make you learn. Especially for such qualitative modules. Even though some topics were thought before, but after learning it again together with all the new insight about the industry I got along the way since University, it does offer need perspective/views/knowledge.
There is no end to learning in this ever changing world!

Consistency is the key I lost

It’s not easy balancing life, work, and studies all at the same time. The lockdown did make it better, but I’m too easily distracted. Always doing something else, starting something new. Studying seems daunting as compared to all other shiny new stuff. BUT, I promise I’ll put in more effort for this current module and the coming ones, just 3 more and I’m done.

There’s 2 2500 words assignment at the 4th and 8th week of a module. You’ll want to slowly pace yourself and be consistent so when the assignment due dates come you don’t to be like me and burn candle at both ends to complete it before the dateline. Is it difficult? … If know what you’re reading and understand the questions it should be perfectly manageable. However, the citation and the vastness of amount of readings and websites you have to go through to finish can be a bit intimidating, start early.

Choosing modules, anything but maths.

I’m not a maths person. Never have been, I don’t want to say I’ll never will be, but I can’t maths and it’s challenging for me to understand it. I only know what is needed to get me this far.

THAT IS WHY I am avoiding any calculation modules at all cost. I know it will take way more effort and time than what’s worth to understand a calculation based module. I avoided account modules too, as there are ‘set of rules’ you need to follow. Unlike qualitative modules where most of it are really common sense and you can’t get case studies and example all around you.

Over COVID, so many things are forced to change, for the better or worse. Education institution that depends heavily on foreign enrollment are severely affected, which includes SOAS-UOL. Look how back it is for SOAS-UOL. A few of my course mates and I are worried that the school will go bankrupt before we are able to graduate. Although I feel SOAS can still hold the fort for one or two more years, but it’ll be stupid to tell people we graduate from a school that no longer exist. If you are considering SOAS-UOL, you might want to hold it for a year or two

Looking forward to the end of the courses, which will free up a whole chunk of time for me to do other things.

See you next post.

Stay Home One Piece

I’ve been mostly at home for AT LEAST the past 4 months.
And that’s how long I’ve been continuously busy for. I feel like my tasks are like water, when somewhere frees space up, the rest just flows and take up the space.
It’s not like I don’t have time to do other things, it’s just that I don’t feel more ‘relaxed’ with the extra time. More stuff just keeps coming up. I am grateful though. I really hate days with nothing to do.

AND IT IS NOT HELPING that I am absolutely hooked on One Piece.
Come on, at this ripe old age of 25 I thought I should be over it, I’ve put it off for years. Cuz I know this crazy anime is 900 freaking plus episodes long and on going, and I know I am the relentless binge watching crazy person that will flip my life around just to finish a series if it’s good enough. That is exactly what I did, and I am not at all proud.

I am wayyyy behind my studies and procrastinating a lot of my work and projects to an extend that all I do is eat sleep On Piece, and let me repeat I am not at all proud. I’ve been on it for 2 going 3 months and I’m only at episode 773 (?!), and I’m still a few hundred episodes short from complete. I probably need another 1/2 a month to be up to date. I am looking forward to it cause I really need my life back!

That being said, One Piece is amazing hehe. As someone that can pretty much guess most of the plot before it actually airs for other shows (cause only THAT many things can happen where the plot is going), One Piece surprising even after hundreds of episodes can delivery plot twits and surprises that I didn’t expect. It also develops all its main and even side characters so well that A LOT of other shows and anime don’t bother to. (Ok, that’s probably why it has 900 over episodes and counting.) It’s a nice anime to start if you have hella lots of time and dedication.

Well this is about it for this post. A tiny peek into my boring life.
Hope you’re doing well random person.

See you next post.


Cherry Blossom
String held up by constant stress : interestingasfuck
A string kept upright by tension.

You know before this I typed a very long post which I keep going in rounds and rounds trying to find a point in what I was trying to bring across. Then I realised, what I was trying to say is that I don’t have anyone to look up to. One paragraph is enough then.

Spending money in USA.


The sole reason of earning money is to spend it.

Before coming over to United States, I was under the impression that everything is very cheap, and that the living expenses is much lower, or as I was told. After being here for about 1.5 years, I would like to ask those people that told me that U.S. have low living expenses to this – WHERE? HOW? Other than the cars, which honestly are cheap here (To be fair, comparing to Singapore, car from where ever other than, are cheap.) I don’t really find the things here cheap. Ok, the car and outlet/brand shoppings.

Groceries are all in USD, the prices showed all does not include state taxes which ranges from states to states. The variety of things we can buy are limited. (Lame example – nail clippers: You can get 10000 different designs and 10000 different colours if nail clippers from Taobao for 1/5 of the price here where you can maybe find like 4 designs.)

The restaurants here are even more ridiculous, other than fast food, normal restaurants can cost up to 50 USD for 2 person per meal. 50 USD-60 USD after tax which are not included in stated prices and 15-20% of tips. 60 USD is almost 85 SGD! Plus it’s not even any fancy food. Ridiculous.

I truly don’t think the living expenses here are lower than Singapore. There are many people in poverty here in United States too. Many times you can see people asking for help on the local community Facebook groups. Good thing is that people are generally helpful to those who are in need.

Actually, not everything are expensive. Shopping here can be ridiculously cheap. For brands like Nike, Adidas, Champion, Reebok, New Balance, Calvin Klein, and more, you can find apparels that’s lower than 20 SGD?! Nike and Adidas shoes can cost as low as 30 USD?! Sometimes things are so cheap you feel compelled to buy it. Premium outlets of U.S. brands are even more ridiculous. Lower end designer bags (Coach/Kate Spade/ Tory Burch/ Michael Kors) can have up to 70-80% discount off original retail prices. The next time you see someone selling these brands at ridiculously low price on Carousell and claiming them to be genuine. They probably are.

But of course, there will come a time where I think “hey that’s enough clothes, even if it’s this cheap.” – But today is not that day.

Oh man I can go on and on.

My initial objective of this post is to share HOW we convert our SGDs to USDs for spendings here. Ok lemme start.

All our income are in Singapore Dollars, cause our bosses are Singaporean, which causes a problem. US shops don’t take Singapore Dollars in-exchange for goods and services. When we just arrived in US, we used DBS’s multi-currency account to convert our money from SGD to USD. Which really isn’t very economical. Bank exchange rates are notoriously bad, we lose a lot when we convert larger amount over. Seeing that we live here, we have to transfer a lot and frequent. So I explored other options.

Thank god I applied for YouTrip before coming over here.

YouTrip (previously partnering with Ez-link) is Singapore’s first digital bank. I applied it out of curiosity and because I’m someone that will not miss out of free stuff. This card is so useful and convenient!

The rates are currently the best too!

Lazy crop.

The difference might seem minute, but accumulated overtime, you’re really getting a huge difference in money thrown into the sea.

Plus it has so many other currencies available. I use it to pay for my SOAS UOL school fees too, which is in Pounds. Plus if I am in Singapore, I confirm plus chop use it to pay for my monthly Taobao loots (I used to just use DBS’s exchange rate – thinking ‘aiya taobao stuff already so cheap, give them the extra loh’.). How I wish I have this card during Uni days too so that I can pay it with this card. The bank’s exchange rates are really daylight robbery.

All these extra money means more shopping. Which is what I am gonna do right now. Thank you for your attention, nice pal, see you next post.

SOAS-UOL Distance Learning


Before I started my Masters I searched high and low for more information about this school and the programmes it provides, but I just can’t find anything! So here I am, sharing about SOAS-UOL MSc programme distant learning, hoping it’ll help some clueless soul in the future. I’ll like as much information as possible if I’m gonna fork out so much money to self torture.

Favourite part of the start of school year has always been getting new school books.

For the curious souls, this is what I’m studying right now. This programme requires me to complete 2 core modules and 4 electives, so 6 modules in total. I can also choose to take up dissertation I’ll have to use one module for it and another modules for ‘Research Methods’. That means I’ll have to give up 2 modules on new learnings, no thanks, plus, too much work really.


SOAS-UOL Distance Learning assesses us through 2 methods. Each module will consist of 2 assignments with combined weightage of 30%, and one 3 hours written paper (70%) in September-October, we can take the papers at a local exam centre.
For those who know me, I studied in SIM-UOL which they have 100% weightage on their May examination which was SUPER stressful. Failing by 1 even 1 mark means you’ll have to retake another year. There however is a pro for 100% examinations, what I used to do was skip all the class and assignments (since no marks) and just study like made when exams are near. I still graduated on time, but highly not recommended.
So now SOAS-UOL requires assignments to be submitted and graded every 4 weeks into the module, which also means, not being on track of studies gives me a HUGE disadvantaged. I started my assignment 1 seven days before the due date, and I scored 58/100 while my classmates (at least the ones I know) got 70. Lol. I’m 15 days away for my assignment 2 due date, but here I am, blogging.


AKA things I have to study/read for the modules. I am currently only 1 module into the course. 1 module of SIM-UOL BSc Business Management was about level 40/100 (personal opinion) of things that need to read, SOAS-UOL MSc International Business Administration is about 75-80/100.


1 Module of MSc is like 4 freaking modules of Uni. I’m nearing the end of my first module and I’ve only completed 20% of what I’m REQUIRED to read and understanding not adding those extra good to know stuff. Ded.
It’s definitely a lot more intensive than I imagined, I thought it would be similar to my university, it is, but there’s really a lot more compulsory readings. A few of my classmates are working and doing this course, so working and studying is definitely possible. You just really need very good time management. Which I completely lacks, wish me good luck.


1 Module is £1680, which translates to around S$3000. I need to complete 6 modules in total. S$3000*6=S$1800. Which includes all the reading materials and assessment fees, but excludes local exam centre fees (dependable on exam centre). No accounting inflation, exchange rates fluctuation yaadaa daa. YES. It’s very cheap for a Masters. Plus SOAS is under UOL which is NOT totally not recognised in Singapore. Worth it or not you decide. For me, it’s best of all world, the modules they provide, distant learning + written exams, qualification and experience they need.
Many MSc require at least a few year or relevant working experiences or a first class/ second class upper degree which I both lack.
Sometimes I think about how each module can buy me a new Macbook and I die a little inside.


Overall it really helps me to kill time (A LOT of it) here while on WX’s 3 years deployment. I can finish the course in 2 years based on their maximum 4 modules per year limit. It helps me satisfy my hunger for knowledge and there’s really no losing in learning new things.

That’s about it, my next module will start in April. See you next post!


What a time to be alive.

I remember the last virus outbreak (very serious one) was SARS, I was Primary 1 or 2.
Everyone in school was given a digital thermometer, we have to bring it to school every day, and our form teacher would come to class first thing everyday to conduct a class temperature taking. Anyone with a fever would be sent back home. It was fun for everyone, some every learnt to rub the metal tip of the thermometer against our clothes to ‘fake a fever’. This continued for a few weeks and then suddenly we don’t have to anymore. I was too young to know of the severity of a pandemic, I don’t think I even know what that was.

Fast forward almost 20 years (damn) we have the Coronavirus 2019. Now that I’m grown, and know stuff, everything seems more ‘real’ to me. Now that we have internet and the Social Media, everything is reported instantaneously, people makes memes and jokes about the virus online. It’s a very different experience than SARS in 2002. Which is better I think, people with internet access gets to know about the virus way before it reaches them, giving them time to prepare. Unfortunately people starts hoarding stuff. Shame.

Why toilet paper though? What can people do with so much of it?

All these things that are happening really makes me appreciate the importance of Total Defence in Singapore. I suddenly have memories of those day in Pri/Sec schools where we do emergency drills and were rationed nothing but potatoes for recess. All for us to understand how things can be when disaster strikes. Really, what makes up a country are its people, and if the people of a country are not dependable, the country’s a goner.

While researching the Total Defence, I learnt that there’s now one more national defence on top of the original 5 (Civil, Psychological, Economical, Military, and Social defence) there’s a new one! Digital defence, which I feel is completely relevant. I like how it is acknowledged, especially important for this digital age.

As a curious soul, a tiny part of me is grateful of all these happening during my lifetime so I can witness and see how things lay out. Then I realise this is a thought only the fortunate can afford to think and how unfair and cruel this thought is to those who experienced pain and loss to the virus.

I hope after this we all come out stronger, and may we never forget.

2019 – Year 1 of 3 in PCV.

Mountain Home AFB

I’ve been procrastinating to complete this post for weeks.
Since I-forgot-which-year, I try to make it a point to summarize the past year’s highlights and notable things. At least for those that I remember. I’m doing this in hopes that I have something to look back on other than photos, photos are memorable, but words explains them so much more with more details. I want to look back from 2029 and laugh at my younger self.

Moved into Mountain Home AFB housing.

Definitely gonna be the biggest house I’m gonna live in in this life-time. It’s huge. A little too big for 2 people, 1 cat, and 1 dog. I think what we’re living in is a bungalow, I’m not sure. (Refer to feature image.)
My house consist of 2 dinning area (?), a living room, 2 toilets and only the one upstairs have bath/shower, 2 rooms one with a HUGE walk in wardrobe (yay), 1 garage, and a backyard.
You’ll think the bigger the house the better until you have to clean it. Even if you can afford a maid to do the housework, it’s a total fuse realizing you left something upstairs when you’re comfortably seated downstairs. PLUS you’ll have to maintain everything by yourself, we have to mow the lawn, sweep the leaves and de-weed the grass, or risk fines. Good thing is the rental/water/electricity are all free. One less thing to worry about. The 2 ultimate favourite household appliances are the dishwasher and dryer. O M G . Dishwasher really saves soooo much time, I just have to load all the dirty dishes into the washer and wait 1 hour~, it even heat dry the dishes! Same thing for dryer, I just have to load the washed clothes into the dryer and wait 1 hour, the dryer even removes most of the animal hair and lint from the clothes! Eliminating one of the chore I dislike the most. Clothes hanging. Seriously considering to get a dryer back in Singapore.
The free housing provided by RSAF is really one key thing many Air Force regulars decides to come to Peace Carvin V (PCV). Unfortunately, the new regulation is that new comers from Singapore now have to live out base – in Mountain Home, which is ~20 minutes drive away from base due to limited base housing. Not only that, the electricity is not complimentary, and many times if families wanna get a better house outside (than the one offered, which is small and meh-ish), they have to top up rental from their own pocket. So it’s not really ‘worth it’ to be deployed here as before.
Initially I wanted to write about the facilities inside the base for its resident but this post is getting long so I’ll leave it to another post.

First Pet(s)
Sahimi and Sushi!
Sashimi and Sushi

For anyone following, you might know I got 2 pets. (Excluding all the tiny tiny ones like ants, hermit crab, beta fish, etc.) – Sushi the Shiba Inu, and Sashimi the cat!
Sashimi is the first pet, got him as a kitten from Idaho Humane Society, an animal shelter that’s opened throughout United States.
WX decided that we are to each have our own favourite animal as pets here – against my protest. Pets are like babies, all very cute and perfect until they are yours and you have to start being responsible for another living thing. The amount of stress that first few months was almost crippling, especially when not long after the cat we got the dog so that they can grow up together and hopefully live harmoniously. (Other than the occasional cat dog wrestle, they love each other very much). You can follow them on their instagram @sushibasashimeow.
I’m not sure if I’ve talked about how stressful it is to raise a puppy. GOD DAMN STRESS. 100x more stressful than a kitten. Kittens are fine, they practically raise themselves, you just have to give them food and litter and clear their litter box. DOGS, DOGSSSS. Dogs .. Dogs you have to train them, walk them, play with them, feed them, groom them, play with them some more, clean them, chase after them when they snatch something they shouldn’t, stop them from destroying all your furniture, potty train them, clear their poo/pee. Again and again. Crazy stress and commitment. Now that Sushi is a bigger puppy (7months) he’s not so attention demanding anymore, BUT STILL. That few months were exhausting.
Have I mentioned their fur? EVERY FUCKING WHERE. I used to vacuum every 2 or 3 days, now I have to do it everyday. Of course it’s not all bad, Sashimi LOVES me, he snuggles up to me every chance he have to be alone with me, he sleeps right on me or above my head when we sleep. Sushi loves me too, listening more to me than anyone else and snuggles up to me when he’s not crazy running around. More on them on other posts, trying to keep this short.

People (Spouses)
428 Buccaneers!
PCV 10th Anniversary

If not for the people and friends here, I would have sink into depression. There’s really limited things to do here. I mean we CAN travel, but that takes money and planning and LEAVES. The random dinners, chit chat sessions, trips to town, events attending really helps the boredom and loneliness. Plus, I’ve learnt MahJong! Hahahahahahah. Which is actually really fun, and time consuming (which is good), and helps to get my brain ticking.
Knowing people from all walks of life really broaden my perspectives to different aspects too, so cheers to that!


Over all, it’s just really slow paced here. I’ve learnt how to cook so many more dishes that I want to do. (Though they still taste awful, but I really do try.) Unfortunately, I don’t like slow paced, still doesn’t. However, I’m trying to love it everyday. Everyday, I find ways to make my hours purposeful, failing most of the time succumbing to laziness and procrastination, still I try everyday to get back on track and learn/do something new. I’m proud to say I’ve learnt a thing or two. I’m also trying to be more active in self/health care. Taking better care of my skin and exercising more, will have to work more on the sleeping schedule.
I do miss my friends and family back at home a lot, thanks to technology I don’t feel so distant to them as it could’ve been. I miss the convenience of Singapore more than anything. How I can get cheap and good food anywhere, how I can read as I commute from place to place, how I don’t have to tip and all GST are included on displayed price.


Year 2 of 3. I’ll be pursuing a Masters Degree of International Business Management form SOAS-UOL via distant learning. One can argue that it might be pretty useless, with my lack of experience, and that the degree is not from a prestigious awarding body. BUT, with all things considered – how free I am here, my love for learning and knowledge, monetary/time/location limitations, it’s actually a good choice to make. Therefore, I hope to work hard for a distinction. On top of that, I want to learn more practical skills, I’ve decided to try to master Python, I know 1 programming language might not seems like much but I have no background, and google told me Python is one of the easier one to get a hang of. I’ll also live to explore more of United States, live a little more freely, and be more efficient! Ok this is getting too draggy, bye! See you next post.

Mountain Home Airforce Base Housing

I left Singapore for Boise on the 29th of December 2018 (Saturday) and after 16-19 hours of flight alone, I reached Boise on the 29th. (Singapore > Tokyo > Seattle > Boise). US is a day behind of Singapore.
Every regular that brings their family/spouse along for this detachment (Peace Carvin V) will be allocated base housing. Each family will get a house. Bigger families (2 children or more) gets bigger units.
Before moving into our allocated housing, we stayed in TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility).

This is the only photo I can find on internet.

It’s a hotelish service apartment, fully furnished with a kitchen and laundry area. Housekeeper will take out the trash and change the towels every day.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the interior. I stayed there for a month and a half, was getting totally bored out of my wits. Xiangy stayed there 2 months plus, waiting for our housing.

On 12th Feb 2019, we finally moved in to where we will be staying for the next 3 years! 
Here’s a video I took of the interior. It was taken on the 12th, completely bare of everything. 
Depending on your luck, everyone gets different type of housing with different layout. 
What we got is a 2 level house with 2 bed room, one car garage, and an ok backyard.
2 level house sounds so fabulous and cool until you have to clean it. Take note how most part of the house is carpeted? That means we better not spill anything on the carpet.
We are required to hand over the house as it is handed over to us 3 years later. Any damage or stain will have to be paid for to make good. Stressful, especially for some reason the wall here are all fake. Made with partition material instead of real concrete. Not sure if it is a US thing or a MHAFB thing, we’ve already chipped some parts of the wall. Lol.
There’s no way we’ll afford such a big house back in Singapore, we’ll just enjoy what we have now. 
I’m pretty sure even if we can afford a house so big in the future, there’s really no point, it’s just more work and everything is so far apart. It gets super troublesome when you leave your phone down stairs.
I’ll take another video when I’m done sorting the house out. Bye ~