I so wanna believe in fairytales.

Did I mention before that one of the main reason that I continue blogging
is because I like to type on the computer keyboard ? :X

Okay here I am blogging again in an obvious effort
to revive my blog.
Things are boring recently.
There’s no NP events recently , so it’d been
school, work, school, work, school, work and school.
And meeting friends every 17 days or something ?
I can’t remember, I don’t have good memory.

Let’s talk about school for a little.
My previous semester’s GPA was 3.109.
Which was lousy if I compared it to my classmates.
(I think I’m the bottom few.)
Never the less, I was am still very motivated to score well
for this semester 😀
Because :
– The modules this semester seems pretty easy. For now.
– I am promised an iPad for 6As / a Kindle for 4As.
For every A I get I will be given …. Nah, not gonna tell you.
See, it’s a sure win situation for me. OOPS :X

Tsk, my mouse spoilt.

(Before I continue the post below this sentence, I chatted with a few
friends on FB, showered, browsed FB, watched some video. 3 hours has
passed :X)

Okay, so that was about it for school ? So far from what I remembered.

Now work.

Work’s the same, nothing much.
It’s like sitting there and get paid for it. My job is easy.
Despite saying so I really learnt a lot from my job,
not exactly job related though.

Boss really taught me how ugly the world really can get  really is,
how naive I was … Actually, still am .
I got really sad when he told me stories and how the world really
is like, especially the sales section.
Hmph :/
There’s also the fellow part timer, 26 YO.

They told me/ what I’ve learnt :

– Enjoy while you can , there’s really no time for you
to even do nothing when you come in to the society.
It’ll all about family, earning money, and money again.

– Don’t get married too early.
Or even worse, they kinda changed my mindset about the
entire marriage thing.
What I thought was really like, be in love, get married, have kids,
happily after. While maybe because I didn’t think that much.
Come on, I’m 17 only.
But they really showed me the … dark side ?
No, there’s no cookies at the dark side.
My boss showed me how … fragile a relationship between two
person is .. Yes, showed. :/
It seems like you’ll never ever gonna know if that’s the
right person for you, probably not even til you die.

– Don’t get in to sales.
Gosh, you really have to work every single day !
No public holidays what-so-ever, not even on weekends. Siao.

– Money IS important.

– People are materialistic.

That’s about it, it’s so depressing I don’t wanna think about it

There was this very young and beautiful looking auntie
who came to the shop and we (Her, me, boss) had a good chat
about live outside Singapore.
She was a Singaporean who emigrated to Australia 20 over
years ago.

(Before I continue , I have something to confess ..
I got distracted for about 2 weeks before coming back here to complete my post.)

So, what she told us was that Singapore is a shining star country in the
eyes of the foreigners in the country. She said the people there thinks very
highly of Singapore. I didn’t have the chance to ask her why.

I asked her if it is stress living there, as in if the standard of living there
is high. She , surprisingly to me, said not at all. She told me the life there is
near to blissful, everyone ends work early and there is no such thing as
over time. People don’t put ‘work’ as priority over there.
Work ends at about 5pm every day and get their pay by weeks or fortnights.
The life there is not stressful at all. Only minus point is that there are no
yummy food like we have here in Singapore.

She told me the comparison of Australia and here.
She really likes it here in Singapore. BUT the life here is quick paced
and stressful. Like a train there can’t stop moving.
The standard of living here is way more expensive then there.
In fact, it’s way more expensive than most of other countries.

I was shock, but at the same time I have to agree even though I didn’t live
in other countries before.
I myself feel it as a 17 years old girl. I have to work part time and study
at the same time ? Although it’s totally by choice.
I felt pretty sad when she said that. I love this country, but because of our size
and system and kiasu-ness, this environment is way too stressful.

Just look at the people waiting for MRT .. (AND HOW INSIDE GOT SPACE PEOPLE DON’T WANT MOVE !)
Apparently there are no space left at the entrance, they die die also want to squeeze in.
And me being a little small in size always no need move people at the back will
push me in.

This bring me back to my all time favourite topic.
Our education system.
On the other day, I had a quick conversation with one of my lecturer about the ed system.

Yes, the richer people/family is at an advantage end of the entire system !
Only 4/10 people from tops schools are living in HDBs, others lives in
condominium, terrace and stuff.
Ya, you may think okay what, considered a lot. NO !
Do you know how many HDBs we have in Singapore ? It’s all over the place !
And only 40% comes from HDBs ? Siao.

Let me analyse.
Kids born in wealthy family have less things to worry about.
Parents are rich enough to hire maids that will pretty much clear all the chores.
They will not hear ” AH BOY UH ! GO WASH THE PLATES !”
Which you have to agree hating to hear all these from your parents.
This shouting thingy from them will distract you from studying if you were.
It also takes up your studying time. Or your playing time, which cannot be shorten will
eat into your playing time.

Us as the poor kid, will spend time thinking about the stuff we want but can’t have.
Rich kid ? Point and get it.
Rich kids have their own room too, and their own comfy personaly space to study.
Poor kids don’t.

I shall not elaborate anymore, I have blogged about the other points before.
Go find.

Okay .. That’s about it .
Can tell I am under a lot of lame stress lol.
Chaos !

(Finally completed this post haha)


Was on the phone with a friend today,
he was in some sort of confusion so he called me.
He asked me whether I know XXX ?
(a girl, confusions always involves females)
I said yes, I know her and thinks she’s a pretty nice
and cute girl, at least from what I know.
Then he gave me a confused respond :
” But she seems to dislike you pretty much. “
My first reaction was HUH ? O.O
How can that be ? Like well, not that it can’t be
but I had hardly worked with her, I’d never interacted with
her and definitely not know her very well.
It’s the same for her to me . Then what exactly about
me was she disliked about . My friend didn’t know,
me neither.
I in no way had offended her intentionally or knowingly.
Sorry if I did but I don’t think I did.

Here I’m posting this is not because :
” GOSH, I hate that b!tch, she @%$%@^$#^ how can she
dislike me for no reasons?!”
What I’m trying to say is that I’m confused, and at the same time
I understood (LOL, almost typed understanded) something.

I’m confused why would people dislike a person SO MUCH
if you hardly know someone.
Okay, I’m not some saint that don’t judge someone by their
looks, appearance and behaviour but by something that they really
are laa, but I don’t go to the extend of DISLIKING the person
just because of what I heard or what I see but not understand.

Yes, sorry, I judge but I keep it to myself until that person proves my
judgements right laa.

I understood that, people don’t see things you want them to all the time.
Even though you think you’re acting like an angel already, some will
still think you’re Satan in disguise, you know ?
Okay, I’m a little exaggerating. So long you get what I mean can le(;

Yaaa ….
Okay bye, haven’t shower and it’s 1AM !

I’m now a NCO. XD

Damn, it’s adead blog now, I want to blog but lazy -.-
Siian. Nevermind, I’ll post a picture for now.

Damn, I’m taking Secondary 1 .

NCO camp was a fun and enriching , and a slack one.
Shall not elaborate here, you’ll never know who’s reading
when your blog is open to everyone XD
This holiday have no difference from no holiday loh,
Got remedia if not CIP then course .
But never mind lah, at home also nothing to do .
Tomorrow have the leadership course thingy , then
have the CIP briefing.
Friday also have the Course.
Then Sat have the CIP , at Singapore Flyer.
Busy busy busy week.

People are acting weird …
&& it’s freaking me our. XO

NP 😀

Well, It’s not my fault is it? It’s like my first time not caring so much about how
others feel; I;m just doing what I think will make me happy.
Or did I really did something wrong ??? I never mean it.


Some people is really.. Mixing things up.

They have a crush on someone and they say they like or even LOVE.

If you say you have a crush on someone it means you admire that

person in a way or other, not like.


“I like him/her, cause he/she very cute.”

Please lah you only admire his/her look lah.

Some worse, you can say you love/like this person and the next moment

you love/like someone else almost forgetting you’d ever liked/loved that

previous person. What the heck sia?

Now people like stead and break like no big deal like that, I really

must salute those people lehh. ==

Take relationship so likely -.-

&& I want salute those can stay in a relationship more than 1 year de and

they’re of MY age, so like in Secondary. Pro, it’s pretty difficult to do that.

For now.

Okay, let’s talk about today.

(Cool this is so gonna be the longest post I posted so far.)

Training was … Not so tough as I thought, pretty slack.


And we learnt alot of new drills! Cool.

And the CI thought we won’t be able to remember them, the command and

everything. But please, we’re not stupid 😀 Can go search on Internet de mah.

By the way , I PASS MY ICT LEHH! 70% on the dot, heng heng. Haaaahh!

Okay, and today training MRS Rupesh come “kajiao(Or maybe is gajiao)”

Sabo me cannot stop laughing.

Word’s for Gavin Ng Jun Han Sir:


The PT drills was fun XD, hop here and there.

[Up! 2! 3! 4! Left! Right! Left!] <3

&&&!!! We got alot of wonderful news!

*If everyday training is like that it will be heaven! If NCO camp can like that XDDD*

Wait long long -.-



Seriously, we are so fortunate!*give sly smile to graduated seniors* Hek Hek.

But come to think of it, I’m sure I, no We’ll all miss it, it’s kinda fun some-

time. And We only have it for like 5 times AT MOST. Yes, from Sec 1 to 3.




(Physical Training still can have.) [Pumping aka Push ups]

Come to thing of it, it isn’t that nice after all right?

Cause … No pumping for punishments means it’ll be something else right?

Something else … The possibility of running is so much higher right?


OPNP unit running standard so much faster than HQ de sia ://

Will DIE de. . . Good luck, TO ME. My stamina pathetically low de.


School allows ankle socks lately right? But at first OPNP unit don’t let de.

BUT! Thanks to our ‘Oh-So-Lovely’ OC which is

MR TOH WEE TECK! He let us wear le! Yay! Means I don’t have to

wear that retarded LONG socks to school every Wednesday liaozz!!! 😀


Okay. Cool :D.

And just before training during lunch, something, what I consider INTERESTING,

happened. Pretty … COOL XD

Okay, we were sitting down having lunch on this table then suddenly some

Secondary 1 girls sat behind us, and I recognized one of them is the girl

that likes Qi Cheng. I FORGOT HER NAME. Idc -.-

Okay, then I was excited.. Not really.. Then I turned to SAMANTHA who was

beside me and asked

“That’s the girl that like QiCheng right?”


Actually didn’t need her answer lah, saw her before liaozz.

Me ” She damn chio loh, so cute *X3″

“Hmmm.. Rrr. Okay okay lah.”

“No loh, she very pretty. ”

Then I turned and looked at “QC’s admirer” again . THEN.

QC’s Admirer:

” Yes, I am the one that have a crush on Qi Cheng. It’s like the whole school is

spreading it ….. ”

Behind never hear, she obviously noticed my behaviour.

At first I was quite angry with her reaction, that’s rude. =/

But then hor, come to think of it …

I think she really really pretty. Not only her look lah, YOU SHALLOW! LOL JK.

It’s her courage la, seriously how many of you can admit something like that

infront of a stranger? And you can’t really be sure they’re really talking about

you? UH UH?! CAN YOU?! No right?! Then shhhh… Her courage is …

something not everyone have, what’s more she’s a SEC ONE! How long

have she been in this school? 1 month plus only leh …


It’s only her courage, her confidence in her voice make nudge me to.

She don’t know me nor what I was talking about, she’s not afraid she got it

wrong (Even tough she really did get it wrong) and talk to me like no body’s

business. Wow, rare … That’s what girls need in their look, confidence.

Yup, and that’s what makes her gorgeous.

I won’t be surprised if he’s Yusri’s next target or she’d got lots of people

jioing her. (:

Qicheng, if she make the first move accept lah. LOL XD


OMG! Watched New moon today, it was terribly wonderful! XD
I thought it’s gonna be stupid cause the twilight not very good.
The Jacob sooooooooo nice, sweet and HANDSOME loh!
Awwww… I was literally cursing belle,
” Walao, don’t be stupid! Take Jacob! Walao!”
I think Jacob’s better although he’s not as rich, but he damn nice loh!
Edward, okay lah but hor … :/
So sad for Jacob …
Both also so good how to choose. So looking forward to eclipse and breaking dawn!
So gonna watch New Moon again! <3
Omg, so shuai!
IwantBelleWithJacob! ;/
Gonna post more about today tomorrow 😀

Today at vivo was very nice, had alot of fun! XD

MAY 21st, 2011

Great, just as everyone is watching 2012 and thinking it might end then or what so ever;
I came upon a webpage or more than one saying the world will end at

The End of the World
October 21, 2011

2011! instead of 2012!? WTH.
What they said, the judgement day, what 7000 thousands year?
Christian should know more.
I’m going to give you the link and YOU go check it out yourself.
What I can say is, I’m still young and don’t wanna die so soon.

Judgment Day!
May 21, 2011


Genesis 7

These are very interesting, I suggest you go and know more about it.
But promise you won’t cry and live a better life after it. Kay?