Was on the phone with a friend today,
he was in some sort of confusion so he called me.
He asked me whether I know XXX ?
(a girl, confusions always involves females)
I said yes, I know her and thinks she’s a pretty nice
and cute girl, at least from what I know.
Then he gave me a confused respond :
” But she seems to dislike you pretty much. “
My first reaction was HUH ? O.O
How can that be ? Like well, not that it can’t be
but I had hardly worked with her, I’d never interacted with
her and definitely not know her very well.
It’s the same for her to me . Then what exactly about
me was she disliked about . My friend didn’t know,
me neither.
I in no way had offended her intentionally or knowingly.
Sorry if I did but I don’t think I did.

Here I’m posting this is not because :
” GOSH, I hate that b!tch, she @%$%@^$#^ how can she
dislike me for no reasons?!”
What I’m trying to say is that I’m confused, and at the same time
I understood (LOL, almost typed understanded) something.

I’m confused why would people dislike a person SO MUCH
if you hardly know someone.
Okay, I’m not some saint that don’t judge someone by their
looks, appearance and behaviour but by something that they really
are laa, but I don’t go to the extend of DISLIKING the person
just because of what I heard or what I see but not understand.

Yes, sorry, I judge but I keep it to myself until that person proves my
judgements right laa.

I understood that, people don’t see things you want them to all the time.
Even though you think you’re acting like an angel already, some will
still think you’re Satan in disguise, you know ?
Okay, I’m a little exaggerating. So long you get what I mean can le(;

Yaaa ….
Okay bye, haven’t shower and it’s 1AM !

Shoo! Stupid temptations.

Holiday hurry up come leh!
School is a total nightmare, especially when you reach Secondary 3 life.
Freaking STRESSED. So many homework! So many things to do!
But so little time . Sai .

And seriously, there’s SO MUCH distractions around.
and the ultimate one, the COMPUTER.
Siao eh like that, how to concentrate ?
But if we don’t care about the homework or whatever and give it to
those BLOODY EVIL TEMPTATIONS we’re gonna feel very guilty
about it, thus , we cannot play our games and do our stuff in peace.

Seriously, why can’t they give us some subject which will really get 100%
of our interest or atleast is EASY TO STUDY. Hais. Life’s like this.
Ok, I’m going to study hard and get good grades (:
If not do so well in the end die no use what.
You don’t get the admission to heaven by the education level you hold right?
Higher education level = Higher chance into heaven. No right? See.

That’s why I’m still blogging down here.
Just by thinking about those ENDLESS works are enough to kill.
Let alone DOING them.
Mrs Rupesh is scarey, but good, well infact great in her teachings.
At least I understand . YES, I UNDST = GOOD TEACHING.


Sometime I really don’t feel like going school anymore.

Ooh man, so so so long never update le. 🙁
No time lah! Homework also no time do liao
now only can afford to have short post.

I hate my stupid procrastinating habit.

It is getting out of control.
I know I can de, no I must.
If not will tio own by teachers again … :/

Concentrate Wei Er, concentrate.


Today I go buy my new books, yea~~
Okay, when I went there was about halve of
of books I wanted out-of-stock. Siian.
Then went to my primary school with my
little sis and bro to buy their books.
Then I complaint to the aunty there.
Northland and Orchid Park Different
supplier, Cambridge use to supply OPSS
with their books, but now no more le.
Then I complaint to the aunty then
the aunty say the books I wanted they have.
Yea XD, gonna get it from her tomorrow.
See, everything in OP suck lah 😡
Except for the aunties and Uncles they so
kind. Kay. …
Nothing more-.- Bye 😀

Everytime I stared at your emo PM wishing
I have the courage to talk to you again.


OMG! Watched New moon today, it was terribly wonderful! XD
I thought it’s gonna be stupid cause the twilight not very good.
The Jacob sooooooooo nice, sweet and HANDSOME loh!
Awwww… I was literally cursing belle,
” Walao, don’t be stupid! Take Jacob! Walao!”
I think Jacob’s better although he’s not as rich, but he damn nice loh!
Edward, okay lah but hor … :/
So sad for Jacob …
Both also so good how to choose. So looking forward to eclipse and breaking dawn!
So gonna watch New Moon again! <3
Omg, so shuai!
IwantBelleWithJacob! ;/
Gonna post more about today tomorrow 😀

Today at vivo was very nice, had alot of fun! XD

When I was in Sec 1.

I remeber last year, the NTUC incident.
I doubt anyone will remember, there’s one alittle siao
de aunty wanting help form me and Yong Ting.
So we helped, I didn’t see the other customer’s expression.
But Yong Ting did, she keep telling to heck care her and go.
But I didn’t see the needs, she seems harmless.
She told me to go look for some stuff, so I went to look for
a kind of donno what juice she wanted. Can’t find it, went back to her
say cannot find, but she insisted me to help her find. Er ?
I stoned there, struggling looking at her, the other customers in the line
and at Yong Ting who kept suggesting we just go. Seriously, I was about to
cry. Then here comes my hero, LOL. A orchid park guy in red tee,
(Most probably the Sec 3 Camp tee then in 2008) he and he friend was
sitting outside on the metal bar watching. Then he came over and scolded the
aunty scolding her ‘You siao arh’ ‘Just come out of mental hospital’ all that LOL.
Then he told us to go, don’t care about her.
Whao …
The SADDEST this of all is that I don’t know who he is and I’ve forgotten how he
look like :C , I didnt got to thank him that day …
Who is he, he should be in Secondary 4 this year. :/