Busy Bee

Wanted to attach a picture of bees but got really freaked out by the zoomed up shots of bees.

Hello I’m back to being busy.
I really just can’t stay not doing anything, did I tell you I almost had a melt down the other time from having too little thing to do. I don’t like the idea of watching too many shows or do I have the patience to, so I will consciously steer away from watching shows that at not super interesting to me or are too long. I like to do things that involves creating or something that have an end ‘product’. 

That’s probably why I got into Social Media Marketing and content creation.
It involves marketing, which is one of the topics I enjoy, which helps brand tell stories through branding and communicate it to their target audience. I like stories and communicating/connecting with people. That’s why I also like Social Media.
It’s fun when you can combine such interests and make people pay you for your knowledge of it.
This little ‘business’ don’t require any capital, just knowledge that are readily available online and a computer with internet connects. Actually, with a smart phone is enough too.

What better ways to spend the time than to use it to enrich yourself, upgrade your knowledge, and to earn money at the same time! Huehuehue.

Ya but that’s the problem, on my quest to learn more about this topic, my current clients started referring me more clients. WHICH IS AWESOME KEEP IT COMING, but my lazy procrastinating ass can’t keep up all these on top of trying to complete some online courses, and some self studying, and some side projects, and some bootcamps, and I would also like to learn a new language or two.

BECAUSE I KEEP PROCRASTINATING, look I’m now blogging instead of clearing jobs and to dos. It’s really true when they say one is more efficient and have better management of their time when they do not have a lot of time. I could juggle so many things when I had a day job, 2 freelance clients, and 2 part time job. Now that I’m so free I just rush everything in the last minute.


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