Business talk

So. I’m moving into Freelancing as a Social Media Manager on top of
my current jobs. To diversify my skillset and portfolio.

However, this is not what’s I’m here to blog about today.
I’m here to talk about one of my ‘client’/’boss’ whom business accounts I manage.
She’s my secondary school senior. For a long time I knew of her running such business.
A very successful one indeed. Since she’s an acquaintance, I approached her and pitched
my worth. She gladly, and very nicely, accepted. God bless her.

Just now, just a few hours before I sat here typing, I met up with her to go through
the details and yada da. What I got out of it was so much more.
The zest she possessed, the way she started her business from absolutely nothing.
The pure capability and courage. Not only business sense, but her wisdom in
relationship and the paths she have to choose. It’s hard to believe she’s just a year older.
Saying sh’e a year older is pushing it, it’s only a few months really.
Not having reached her birthday yet, she’s the same age as me.
On top of all these she’s such a nice lady to talk to.


; I’ll stop when I’m there.

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