Beautiful memories Ugly tan lines.

Okay I am super tired now, but I don’t feel like sleeping cause
I’m too lazy to shower or even change out of my PT kit .
So I shall blog now .

So I went for the
81st Cadet Inspector Basic Training Course . (CIBTC)
Too bad if you don’t know what is that .(:
I had a lot of fun , met lots of friends.

The people there are awesome.
Even tough we just met one another we bonded very quickly. (D11 Delta)
I am from Squad Delta D11 .
Been together for 3 weeks , but bonded like we were friends of 3 years.

Wanted to be a CI since Sec 2 or 3 ?
But I only start doubting myself and my decision when Mr Toh
told me that I’m nominated with 6 other peers.
The thought of going for the 3 weeks long course scared me.

3 weeks leh not 3 days, mai siao siao.
If it’s the relax style one maybe okay laa.
Thank God , we weren’t tekaned .
The course was filled with FUN, LAUGHTER , and JOY .
Most of all, we learnt a lot .
The CIIs there are like Woah , they can be a motivational/
inspirational speaker.
So every one went through the thicks and thins together.

Ooh and THE BUNK STINKS LIKE %@#$$^^#%$%&^.^
There were even air balls rolling around ! Gosh !
But at least there were beds, and who cares about the
smell after one full day of training . We will all
be super exhausted .

And my round hat is very small.

The food was hideous. I think 1/2 or more of the CITs got food
poisoning. Unfortunately I’m one of those.
They serve sweet slimy chicken …

The 3rd week of the course is out ATC.
Where we were separated in to 6 different groups each incharge
of something for the camp.

I am in Gorup 6 , WELFARE , aka WONDERWOMAN.
And we rule ~!
Welfare and Logistics are the saikang worriors,
the two group that got all the mafan jobs that
other groups thanked god that they were not incharge of.

The 3 main things we were incharge of were :
1- Welfare/Health of the campers.
2- Rationing and distribution of food related logistics.
3- Campfire.

The first one was not that difficult, just have to make sure everyone is
The second one .. hah.. TERRIBLE.
Let’s not get in to it.
The 3rd one is aweeesome.
So we are incharge of everything of the campfire.
Had loads of fun .

And end of the ATC,
what’s left with me are beautiful memories and ugly tan lines.
Met interesting people there (:

D11 ! Hey-sio !

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