What the hell is wrong with Joan?
she’s the one that gave me the phobia of
my housephone ringtone.
She just called me complainning about NA And NT students
I hear liao damn dulan, she thinks that every one in NA and NT are
the same, bad, with attitude problem.
Then I told her that they are in the class not because of their attitude or what-so-ever,
they are in the class according to their acedemic result.
Then we started fighting on the phone,
then I told what my teacher told me to her.
She then say, ‘Who? That Madam Azzah Arh?’
‘Chey, that hopeless teacher with that hopeless class.’

What’s the ducking problem with her?
She’s in A4 leh! Who is she to comment on our class?!
I hang up the phone.
Sorry, seriously no offence to any other people in 2A4,
especially Dwayne, the few councillors, and other nice people.
What’s wrong with her lah?!
Then she kept calling my house phone until my father scold me
then I have no choice have to pick up.
Then she act as if nothing happened.

No offence to other people.

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