Today I go buy my new books, yea~~
Okay, when I went there was about halve of
of books I wanted out-of-stock. Siian.
Then went to my primary school with my
little sis and bro to buy their books.
Then I complaint to the aunty there.
Northland and Orchid Park Different
supplier, Cambridge use to supply OPSS
with their books, but now no more le.
Then I complaint to the aunty then
the aunty say the books I wanted they have.
Yea XD, gonna get it from her tomorrow.
See, everything in OP suck lah 😡
Except for the aunties and Uncles they so
kind. Kay. …
Nothing more-.- Bye 😀

Everytime I stared at your emo PM wishing
I have the courage to talk to you again.

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