There is no such thing as an absolute Yes or absolute No.
Life’s a huge grey mess that lies between these two extremes.

There are reasons why I privatize my social medias and are weary
about who can see them. Even though I am selective of when can
view my pages I still don’t reveal much or anything too personal on them.

Because why should people that I hardly (or not interested to) know know
about my daily affairs. It bothers me in a way.
Telling people too much, or more than what they need to know, to me,
it seems like exposing yourself. It makes you vulnerable.
You can’t go being vulnerable to just anyone can you.
You’ll never know when that piece of information can be used against you.

I wasn’t aware of that concept before.
During my younger days I believe I posted a lot of stupid emo quotes.
Which is still there. Which I’m too lazy to go delete them away.
Which will always be an exposed part of me that everyone saw.
That’s why I don’t always tell people what I think. Not to everyone at least.
Only a selected few knows how I truly feel and think.
Because the rest don’t need to know.
(I know how it is contradicting when I have an open blog ._. , I don’t have
an explanation for this, I’ll probably think of it someday.)

EH .

Exposed as in the emotional sense, no nudes. Please .
I’m not that stupid. Plus, come on, how much can a female body varies.

So. Be mindful of what you post online.

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