The world is complicated.

EVERYTHING is complicated.
There is no way there’s an absolute yes and there’s no way there’s an
absolute no to a thing/opinion/action/thought/etc. 
How can there be ?
Thoughts and actions, like life, is made up of thousands and millions
of different things and factors.
So so so many things contributes to an idea and thought.

It could be mold by :
– Religion
– Education
– Or the lack of education
– Environment
– Culture
– Tradition
– Why I have a feel that I did this before?
– Health
– Wealth
– The lack of wealth
– Family
and so many other things.

You know what’s the best part ?


What can be wrong in this culture can be totally right in another.
What deem to be barbaric in on place can be a daily norm in another.

Who on Earth are you to be so certain and point at someone and say they are wrong.
It may not appear to be wrong to that person.
PLUS there may be so so many underlying factors beneath the truth that you may
NEVER see.
Let’s have an example –
The man that abandoned his wife and got onto the last life boat may seem like
the most horrible husband one can get is granting his terminally ill wife her last
wish. To live on and take care of their children.
(Got this from somewhere but can’t remember where.)

You wouldn’t know where people come from are what they are going through.
The person may come from a good intention but make a wrong decision.
Why make other’s life more difficult by being judgmental.

Next thing people need to understand is that people makes mistake. Big or small.
Some greater than the others.

I have this notion about people doing bad things or that made a wrong decision.
Tell me if you think it’s wrong. People usually don’t think this much and I hardly
have anyone that can discuss such subjects with.

That crimes and socially deemed “wrong” doings are pardonable(?)
I’m trying to convey the message that we should view things in their
point and walk in their shoes to judge them but due to the limited words I
have in my vocab bank, I can only try to tell it the best I can.

How should I put it …
Many a times, people commit crimes not because they want to hurt a person.
Everyone does something with intentions. Sometimes good, sometimes not so
They might have just used the wrong way to get what they want.
Again, due to their background. Now a days, it’s usually the lack of
educations and moral values teachings.

Say ..
Apple stole Banana’s $4000.
No matter how you see it it’s wrong.
But what if I told you, Apple’s uneducated and out of job.
His wife is dying and her final wish is to fly back to her home
town and die there ? Apple have no other options.

Okay, some might think I’m ridiculous to say all these.
What I’m trying to say is that, please don’t judge a person
just because of one misguided act or different opinion.
Wearing their shoes and walking isn’t enough to judge them.
You have to be live their lives and experience what they experienced,
see what they saw, hear what they heard.

Because a person is so much more than an action or an opinion.

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