This is a self motivation post.

Few weeks back, I came across this quote on FB.

” It’s sad that how so many people says they want to die
but really they just want to start living. “


Not like I was thinking of dying, at least not when I’m not studying.
Just that my mind didn’t cross the thought of
” I should start living”. I forgot I really like feeling alive.
That’s why I LOVE thrill rides, doing courageous things, facing my fears.
It’s addictive. I can feel the adrenaline rushes through my vessels.
I feel alive.

Not so much recently.

I feel almost as good as dead.
Things are incredibly BORING.
and I HATE boring. I can’t even sit too long in front of the computer
with entertainment. I have to MOVE.
I like movies and dramas, but I feel like they are just numbing agents
that let me forget I have a boring life (currently) for that few hours.
I need more sun, I need to do more new things, I need to go learn and see
new stuff.

The thing is there are so many limiting factors limiting me from
what I really want to do.


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