I read a lot of other blogs too.
People share about their days and the things they are doing.

Seems interesting to do that too, but I cannot remember I did 1 hour
ago how am I suppose to share what I did through out the day.
Plus, somethings are really personal, and I don’t want EVERYONE
who have a connection to the internet to be able to know what I am doing.
What if some have nasty motive.
The smallest information can be used to a great advantage when the opportunity
presents itself. Other people can be manipulated by the information or use the
information to manipulate.

Most importantly, my days are at its new level of boringness.

Despite that, I want to log down my adventures. When I have new ones.
Wait ok !

It’ll become a travel log of some sort, and when I finally get to go dive again
this time I’ll bring my go pro along and tell you (remind myself) how great it feels !

Excited. HUEHUE

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