Panda eyes,
Panda eyes,
Panda eyes,

Can’t sleep til 2AM, lately…

Kept thinking about things,
But not very sure what are they.
But i’m sure something is bothering me.

i feel that my brains growing too fast,
now i’m having a old brain.

-Symptoms to prove my mind’s getting old-

1st-I think alot… Things that i don’t think my age group
will think about, hmm, mature thinkings??
(Okay, not like those mature thinkings that 1A1 boys think about.[Horny Guys])

2nd-I kept forgetting things, i could really forget something i did a second ago, swear.
Things just don’t get into my mind.

3rd-I kept thinking about the pass, like things way back,
even things when i’m P3, or even earlier.Ya, and my memory sux.

Safe My Soul T.T

Help, Help, Help, Help, Help, Help, Help, Help, Help.

WE Will be dead soon…

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