Ayyyeee, you .

It’s 6 in the morning.
I’ve had tea and coffee in a day and usually after that I can’t sleep for a day.

I’ll like to blame it on Xiangy ordering Macdelivery and he ordered MOCHA
(I don’t drink mocha) frappe instead of Sprite like I told him.
But it’s one of the sweetest things he’d done so I’m not gonna complain to him.
I hope he reads my blog.

I hate it so much when I’m unable to sleep and there’s plans for the next day.
Hate the sleepy trippy feeling you  get when you don’t get enough sleep and
have to stay awake for reasons.
I gave up trying to sleep 2 hours ago knowing I have to meet Nicole at 7.15AM later.
By now there’s just no point and I probably will feel better not sleeping at all than sleep for
2/3 hours. I need at least 5 hours of undisturbed sleep to feel refreshed.

Recently, I’ve been super broke.
Especially after Japan trip, or because of Japan trip.
The thing is I’m a terrible spendthrift.
Now I’m just a miserable spendthrift.
This is one of the reason I’ve work kinda none stop since 14.
If I can’t, I don’t stop, I make sure I can.
Need to find a job and earn those money and them experience.

Ok bye.

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