New blog skin 😀

Just can back from school.
I looked for Jamie like all over the school,
i got her protractor with me.
I help Jin Li to return to her.
But cant find Jamie. Haiz…

Found that two senior in council room,
for some reason they kept laughing at me.
Pig loh.

I really want to scold that pig leh,
he kept saying Zheng Yu crazy because
she sit on the floor =.=
Then he also sit on the floor.
forget about that pig.


Science and Math paper.

During science,
Mdm Azzah pass down the grip paper,
i was like, what the heck? Science or Math.
Is math die liao lah.
Nvr revise leh.
Luckily is science lah.



So easy loh.
Thanks god, or else i gonna fail.

Still have 9 more days to the next trainingT.T
Damn lah, haven’t start on the crime prevention
project leh. My group doing the poster de.

Best luck my dear squad mates 😀

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