I got 28 in class and 85 or something in level? =.=
What a pleasant surprise???
I expected myself to be the last few.

After school went straight to music room??

To rehearse for the stupid music project stuff.

Damn loh, Winni don’t want to cooperate, i must
stop now and then for her.
The 2nd worst part is,
Miss Chan.
I asked for help;
then she did nothing and continue blogging.
Sure she’s a TEACHER?
I want Miss Ooi.

And the worst part was.

A guy called JJ =.=???

came from nowhere and started talking
alien language to us.
What Crap lah; cannot understand what crap he toking.

After music, NP <3333 size="1">

One person kept showing me attitude.
For something i did,
which is 100% right.
What The crap lah.
I say my Prob right?!
You don’t like don’t listen lah.
Want drills only mah!
Wrong meh.

Today is the day that my mood swingssssss

the most, cause…..

Happy/hyper , sad then hyper and then angry then sad then
blah blah blah…

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