Chatted with Senior Fateha<333>
today kinda ”sabotaged” her.
I wrote the letter up for the poem thingy
during morning assembly.

Some morons have been using her name ‘Gen’
to spam people.
If you kena spam by this name,
you should know it’s not her.
She’s a wonderful person, she will not do something
stupid like this.

I’m not angry with that person,
cause i know its waste of time being angry
with morons.

Wow, just with in oneday then suddenly
have so many tag. Superrrrrrr happy. TYTY

Mr Ho:
What a pleasant surprise.
Sorry if you misunderstand,
I’m just wondering why are there
so many people looking for that book.
And there’s totally no problem about it.
Sir, how many computers you have.
Why IP add different???
A little too good to be true.

Which Mr Ho are you???

Thank you, sorry.

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