Super lazy to post leh.
Yesterday when to the Haw Par villa.
Super tired after that, wanted to sleep in council
room, but Sam and Jinli keep disturbing me.

Can’t sleep, dragged Sam to have lunch with me,
end up late for meeting XD
Nevermind not funny.

Today, the inter Class game???
Not very fun for me, BUT.
I did have fun taking loads of pics with
JinLi’s CamXDDD

Nothing special,
wanted to post something else,
but forgotten what is it.

Ya! These days, there’s
quite some number of weird ppl
tagging in my class’s blog.

Do anyone know who are they??

  1. WanTong???
  2. Nabey Kia==
  3. speeDK???
  4. JayKe???
  5. Flower’s delivery guy???==”’

Who the hek are them???

If you happens to know or it’s you
please tell me.

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