Group name:
Ben 10

Just came back from the camp,
the camp did what it was suppose to.
I did know 2 or 3 senior, Sec 2, better.
Hmm… Don’t want to talk about them
[The Not very Kind Ones]

I finally know why, Alan Pea. Sir-To-Be,
can get the best camper award for last year
and can say is the best Sec 2 cadet.
The dared to volunteer. He did what was taught.
I believe everyone know who we should act on some situations,
but just didn’t give a damn/dare/forget to do.
But he did it.
Hmm. Set him as a good example.
Have good ones, of course there will be some *ErHem* ones.

The camp was, a little disappointing.
Very empty leh.
As in a lot of time that is empty, not doing anything
other than cheers??? Claps???
I believe those time can be use on something else that is more interesting/fun
learn new things or anything else.
PT is damn tiring.
Some of the games it’s more like them,NCO,playing us then we playing game.

During campfire,
We doing the cheer/song, we must shout very loud,a uncle
next block outside school damn pro lah, scream from 8 floor to us.
He said something like ” Shut Up! Shut Up before I call police!”
Damn fierce sia. Then after the campfire, the NCOs all tio scolding from CIs and TOs.

Those are the bad ones lah, of course have good ones.
Ya, The night walk experience was good and spooky, it was in Yishun park, Night.
Got something to say about something, but I’m not that stupid to post it here.

Now my muscle pain.

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