This post is for my dear Nike Water bottle XD

Dear Nike,
You have been very useful to me, since i bought you.
I still remember of you look, or even how you smell when i first touch you
when i got you from the school book shop.
Although you are my second Nike bottle that were bought to replace the first one;
but i still love you as much as the first one.
By the way, the little black thingy tied around your neck, was nothing more than a short twine
of wire which i forget where i got it from.
I chose you out of so many because…
You look totally the same as my previous one.
Oh, this remind me of my late Nike bottle.
It’s being thrown away, right infront of my face By my cruel mother.
I put F&N grape juice inside, I lazy to wash and then throw you to one side.
Then ”things” start growing inside TT
I really hated myself for what i did to you dear ExNike.
Now, Nike No.2 Don’t worry I will never do the same thing to you. I think.

Your sincerely,

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