I’m always the last person who knows everything, about me.
AFTER it was being passed around long enough for everyone around me to know.
Every time the last one. They all knew it way long before i do! So Pathetic…
I feel like being taken as a joke. Take me as something they talk and laugh about when they are boring/ chatting.
I really heard them saying my name, but when I ask ”Nothing” was the one and only respond they can think of…
I really felt like they were laughing/joking/saying something not very good about me.
But i can’t do anything, even though they really was talking something about me.
Goo or bad? I don’t know. Most probably bad ones, I not that good.
I am always the last one to know.
No, til now, I STILL don’t know.

I really feel that my English is improving after all those books…


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