In my cousin house.
”Stealing” His songs…
800plus song, I’m greedy and wanted all but
my thump drive memory can’t hold all.
2G not enough D:
Needa delete alot then can put in.

Which is Christmas, i suppose…
I and my family when to my aunts’ place.
Two Aunt,
two very RICH aunt.
Both their house have 3 Story.
1st when to my little aunt’s house.
Which is in… Seragon? Don’t know or care how it is suppose to be spelled.
Eat til can burst.
My Another aunt, Veronica came,
Her son is damn handsome loh!
[Those kind If Suyi will scream like mad when she saw.(Not talking bad about her)]

But not my problem.
He’s 19???
His age reminds me of a cousin, Joel.
He’s 18 this year.
Also quite good looking lah.
He when to America about 3 or 4 years ago,
can back to serve NS.
NS, hmmm…..
I heard that ROUND[==] people need to serve extra year…
Oh my poor brother. [Pls, he is only 9 and he’s already 50KG!]
Now, my sibling playing Wii downstairs.

I feel weird around elder cousin…
Cause, ‘m like closer to seniors in school then them.
Then being close to someone elder then this year’s Sec 4…
Hmm… Can’t find the word.

What am i doing 3 days ago???
Oh, when out with Sam & JinlLi XD
Too fun to be shared ;P
SAMANTHA is nuts.
She called me so early!
I’m still in my sleep XD
I remember i was dreaming…
But have forgotten what was it. SAM lah!
I told her to let me sleep and forget about the library thingy.
I manage to fall a sleep again.
She called me again.
Haiz, I know i cant get away…
So i when. Hahs.
Don’t have the mood to type on the laptop and stare to the screen.
[This is one of the many reason, I still have the weird feeling about blogging about what I’m doing]
So will try my very best to say it some other day.
Suddenly remembered something hat we had done in the library! XDDD
We sabotaged each otherXDDDDD
Hope that out next year form and subject teachers will be wonderful.

Congratz to who ever wants to be congratulated.

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