Haiz, here to go QUIZ angain…

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3 Person tag, no choice have to liao…

Name a friend from A-Z
A- Amalina
B- Byana
C- ChiuChoo
D- Donovan
E- Evelyn
F- Fateha
G- Gagandeep
H- Haziq
I- …
J- Jig
K- KaiXiang
L- Lee SuYi
M- Manpreet
N- Ng You Qian
O- Ong Ye En Edwin
P- PeiTing Mdm
Q- QiCheng
R- Ronald Sir
S- Samantha
T- Tan JinLi
U- …
V- Vincent
W- Wong Zhou Ning
X- XingXia Mdm
Y- YongTing
Z- Zara
2) Can R & S be together in a BGR?
Nothing is impossible…

3) How is L related to you?

4) Does Y know Z?

5) If C betrays you, will you kill him/her?
Betray betray loh, what’s the big deal?

6) If K steals your girlfriend/boyfriend, what would you do?
Hah, unless he’s a gay.
Steal Steal loh, If so easily can be stolen away.
Then he’s helping me…

7) What if B tells you that he/she has a crush on you?
I like boys. Kay?
No Les.

8) Will you and M get into fight?
Hmm, Nothing is impossible…

9) Who does R have a crush on?
How would i know?

10) If G calls you a bitch, what would you do?
Bitch bitch loh, what’s wrong with it.
I’m who I am, I won’t turn into a bitch just because he calls me that 😀

11) What’s the relationship between you and E?
Friends 😀

12) Who is C’s best friend?
Not Sure…

13) Who does Z like?
Not sure…

14) What color does Y like?
Don’t know…

15) Where does G live?
Singapore XDD

16) Did you and C have a fight before?
Don’t Think So…
What for?

17) Who is H’s best friend?
WeiKeong & Hafiz??

18) What can you say about T?
Wonderful XDD

19) What if W tells you that he/she has a crush on you?
I’m no Les you know…
And somemore, someone is waiting for her XDDD

20) Tag 10 people to do this quiz!
SAMANTHA![You better do… Or I’ll make you feel sorry…]
Chiu Choo!

Forget it, who wanna do just do.

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