Bloody hell!
I just almost burned the whole dustbin down!OR EVEN WORST THE WHOLE BLOCK!
It’s okay if its the one in my house, but NO!
Ass lah.
Me and my neighbour were killing the red ants,on our plant and those bloody red ants were biting my neighbour’s rabbit, by burning them.
Then my grandmother go and cut the ant’s ”house” which were on our plant, down.
It dropped on the floor then my grandmother rushed and throw it into the bin.
I wanted to burn the ants which were on the plant.
I burnt a piece of paper and then balanced it on the plant which were in the bin.
Things were going smoothly, then i decided to burn another side.
Burnt another paper. This time, paper cannot balance!
Dropped in to the bin then STARTED BURNING! :S
I quickly rush back home and fetch a bucket of water to stop the tragic to happen.

Luckily the fire was put out, orelse the say YES people,aka. the ping pong bad person?, will come and sue me liao.


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