Its real long since I last post. I’m lazy, I admit.
I’m always lazy XD
I’m at home now, later going back to school.
And the guys, some, are really getting on my nerves. Hais.
Then some…
Later going back to school for the damn 10th anniversary celebration.
So sad I didnt got to be in the G-O-H contingent.
But nvm this GOH also nothing one, NPAP one more suai 😀
Have number one XD
Talking about NPAP, IM SO EXCITED! Tomorrow have the preview for the whole parade,
so we have to all wear full uniform. That means Number 1 for us XD
Really looking forward for it. So cool kay?
Many things happened, hais.
I recently found my dairy! Hmm… Something like a dairy not really one.
Flip through it and found what i thought in the past is real interesting 😀
Havent do my Total Defence Silver project yet, gonna do it someother time.
Let me see… What interesting thing happened these few days…
Nth much leh, does not bringing key and kena lock outside the house count??
I dont think so…
Then nothing really happen loh.
All NPAP participants under OPSS please be in OPSS by 7.15AM!
I repeat, 7.15 AM!
Ya, I know it’s damn early but too bad, that’s the fact, dont come dont come loh.
Go yourself.


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