So very long nvr post liao, no choice but have to put green.
The 10th anniversary was okay at thefront and fun at the end.
The video that they played of OPSS’s history make me can’t help
but think OPSS is getting worst. I look so good last time, and Mdm Ng
also say it’s getting worst loh.
Many things happened just between this feel days, very vex.
Okay, I think only my ‘les partner’ & my ‘GF’ know it all.
I’m really making a mess out of 3A1 ==
NPAP was strict as usual. The CIs hor, some nice some not nice.
I found that I really need to learn how to let go, but nevermind for the moment
I’m ‘enjoying’ it anyway.
Knew this guy called,
Loo Wei Xhan.
He really is like shit, damn bloody irritating, spam my MSN, my SMS,
my Call. I blocked him on MSN. He didn’t realise it and thought I didnt do online
and smsed me. I will never reply him liao. I’ve never thought Northview Guys are great.
Example: That Jiao’Chong’ And that Gerald. Hais.
SO SO SO IRRITATING. Too irritating. SAM agrees with me too.
SIIAN. NPAP COMING this month’s 18th.

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