Feeling Awful.
And that’s awful.

When for the interview yesterday, the AC was much more pleasant than I’ve thought.
Mr Sim was the scary one.
The interview was in North brook. After the interview, we, Me Huai Miao Donovan and Kai Xiang,
when back tgt, saw the board of teachers -.-
Dont know what you call it, OPSS have one beside the General Office too. The one
that suppose to have all the pictures of our school staff on it.
I saw the crazy teacher’s face there. The more known as ” WHO SAID THAT?!”
Okay, the story begins like this:
We, The NPAP cadet taking the bus under OPSS,
were on the bus heading back to OPSS.
We all were hot and sweaty and wanted to change back into mulfti
on the bus then she stand in the front and said:” Hello, I know you guys are tired and need to rest, I’ll off the lights for you guys to rest kay?”
Those wasnt her exact words,it happened few weeks back,
Hey, change out of our boot and beret was what we wanted. NOT rest,
we are usually hyper after trainings. She’s the one that wanted to rest. She amitted it.
Then after sometime, she walk to the middle of the bus then suddenly asked:
“I want to make sure that there’s no girl sitting with a boy or a boy sitting with a girl or two opposite sex sitting to gether.”
Then, okay I amitted I started the shouting back to her. “TEACHER WE NPCC CADET GIRL BOY MIX! DONT GENDER BIAS LAH!”
The the people join me shouting sexist all that.
The she suddenly turned back facing us shouting and screaming something
that i really cannot understand. Cause her voice totally changed from a female’s to a male’s. Scary.We diam loh.
Then she continued: “I Just wants to make sure that no opposite gender are sitting together, And I’m going to off the lights, I dont want you guys to do anything wrong.”
Please, she need some brain checkup. siao.
And that’s not all, after the lights were off,then blah blah… .
Okay, now Samantha wanted to change her boots but cant see, so she on her
flash light using the phone.
She told me to hold for her.
I did, then i started to play with the light, I shone it around.
Kevin then wanted to say something, I shone it to his face.
He scolded the MF word. [NOT Mozilla Firefox, somethingelse.]
Then the teacher suddenly rise and turn from her sit shouted “WHO SAID THAT?!!”
Very kuazhang leh this teacher, then scold scold scold Kevin.
She really really needs counselling.

And It’s obvious that my English is getting bad to worst from the start of the
entry to the bottom, not really in the mood to use good English.

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