So HAPPY! Can post properly liao!
Okay, the camp was fun. Although it needs a level of stamina,
but i still can make it XD
I like the walking, the sleeping the whatever BUT
HATE THOSE DAMN BUG AND the showering part.
Okay, I tell you har. The bugs there is more than you can imagine.
The flies and mosquitoes, spiders, grasshoper ANTS, don’t really take you as
human. There dare dare jump here jump there fly here fly there infront of you.
I can 100% gurantee you everyone will have atleast 1 insect bite.
The ants are terrible, I put my shoe outside the tent they take it as ant nest.
The second day I found damn lots of ant in my shoe. Ewww. XC
The kayaking was tiring, more tiring than I had thought.
Very energy consuming.
The FOOD, was better than I’ve thought, so not bad lah.
Night walk… And Sentry duty…
Seriously, our school one more scary.
The night walk we off torch light walk in the forest (No path, not like yishun park),
also not as scary.
On the second day night, everyone was exhuasted. Damn tired.

I’ve also met many new friends! They all so damn GREAT. XD

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