People like to talk bad about me behind my back..
Well not exactly bad things …
As in make fun of me? Ya.
Okay … I don’t know what they are talking about
lah, nor I cared. Think they are pathetically childish.
The worst thing was they not only make fun of me (FOR FUN)
but they pull others down also.
Hate their attitude.

Okay, enough of those think-they-are-mature-but-not de people le,
can’t be bothered as it won’t do anything to me but only make their
already not so good de character become worse.

And, there’s another type od annoying people.
Those that … Well … Ah!
Know that tmany people dont like him.her but still
don’t want to change waiting and wishing one day miracles will happen to them.
Please lah, you can get nothing just by sitting there and waiting.
Well, maybe you will get something, the leftovers – usually the not so good ones.
Maybe you don’t care you’ll get the good or baad ones, but just by sitting down there
and waiting, and only sitting, perhaps the only thing you’ll get is a pain on the backside.

Life’s so wonder, why be an introvert?
Yes, life is harsh. But that doesn’t mean hiding at one side won’t get hurt.
Go out and explore! Live your life.
You will hurt yourself more by hating someone
then why waste your effort?
Why choose to be miserable over a tiny matter when you can be happy?
Why show attitude to others when you know it will not help but make matter worse?
Life can be so good, you’re the one controlling your own life, it’s you who decides to
live it happily or terribly.

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