366 Wing Sports Day

366 Wing Sports Day

On 7th of February 2020 was Wing Sport Day!
For those that don’t know what a ‘Wing’ is an air force unit of several squadrons or groups, and Mountain Home AFB is home to wing 366 – which Singapore’s squadron (428) is part of. Whoever attends the sport day don’t have to report for work. Yay.

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$3 per person only!
(Excluding equipment rental which was about $19 ~ $25)

Initially I wanted to ski, I’ve never skied or snowboarded before this, as I heard skiing is easier. I don’t know what got over me, perhaps FOMO as most of my friends are snowboarding, I chose to snowboard in the end.


No matter how hard I tried I can’t seem to heel stand. (Using my heel as pivot to stand). NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRIED. It’s either that my CG is too low, or I don’t have one. After endless amount of trying I can only manage to stand using my toes as pivot. Meaning I have to flip like a fish on land with my face facing the ground to push myself up. Not a problem, if you don’t want to face the way you’re going, in this case, down a steep hill.

Got encouraged to go up the steepest point of the mountain after a few round down the ‘bunny slope’ – slope for beginners. They told me with a steeper slope it’ll be easier to master standing up, and you’ll be forced to pick up the skill faster with the speed and incline.

Welp ok, no ok. I TOOK AT LEAST 1.5 FREAK HOURS TO GO FROM TOP TO BOTTOM FALLING EVERY 10 SECONDS. (Other took 10-20 minutes?) No joke, I counted. I cannot stay ‘a stand’ for more than 10 seconds. Burdening one of my friend having to stay with me to make sure I stay alive. The mountain was SUPER foggy, you can hardly see any trees/slope/cliff ahead. Plus I can’t face the way I’m going.

It was 1.5 hours of falling, trying, falling, trying again and again. A few falls has impact as big as getting hit by a car. I didn’t get hit by a car before (or yet), but the fall impact was probably how a car hitting me will feel like. Thank goodness for helmets and soft snow.

But it was fun! Trying new things, even though you’re falling/failing more than half the time, is always fun. Grateful for the friend that stuck around, I would’ve be dead otherwise hahah. And the knowledge that I conquered (debatable) this tall mountain (tho by falling most of the way down) feels good.

10/10 would go and fall again. Might try skiing too.

Will keep falling until I get it.

Here’s a picture:

“Wei Er! Can take photo doesn’t mean can snow board leh!” – C.Gabriel Tan 2020

Til next winter.