I went to Little India Yesterday, and honestly that place is GREAT.
I remember the last time I went there was when I’m in Primary School.
P4? Was too young to know anything.

But yeasterday, when I step out of the train on to the Little India’s
MRT station I can smell that smell le. Dunno what smell lah .
And it’s like 90% of people I see there are indians. More than I’ve
accpected. Damn cool loh, And that place is like …
A “little gathering” place for all the indians, they are not there
to work or for anything, just there to slack, hang aroung and
chat, like so carefree. So nice. So heart warming.
And seriouslt, that place sells alot of dirt cheap watches.
1 watch cost $3.90? Siao? Ya lah, those very easy spoil de.
but other place sell $5 wor..
That place is just very nice lah, everyone is there to just, well enjoy their
weekend. So Nice (:

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