Went through some of OPNP long long time ago de post
and found somethings 😀

NPCC Recruitment 2008

All Sec 1 potential cadets, please refer to our noticeboard (outside NPCC room) on 01/02 (Friday) after school (12:20pm) for the list of selected Sec 1 cadets. Those selected, please approach Ms Mary at NPCC room to collect some forms (to be filled up and returned by 05/02).

All Sec 1 potiential cadets worr XD ^^^^ That post in posted on January 2008.
So the POTENTIAL SEC 1 CADET is refering to us lah. XD


NPCC Recruitment 2008

The following Sec 1 students are selected to join OPSS NPCC:

1A1 : Edwin Ong, Ho Wei Er, Ko Kai Xiang, Leong Huai Miao, Samantha Foo & Donovan Tan

1A3 : Ahmad Shah & Alex Lee

1A4 : Catherine Low, Ng Huan Zhang & Leow Yitao

1B1: Bri an Ang, Kevin Low, Darren Rodrigues, Sabila Rasyida, Siti Nurbayah & Zafir Anhar

1B2 : Chua Yong Xiang, Ricky Yusoffie, Dennis Rodrigues, Shawn Lim & Izzul Hakim

1C1 : Nur Afiza, Nur Byana, Siti Nur’Ain, Toh Shiqing, Teh Jun Heng, Michelle Ho, Ong Dong Wei & Ong Dong Hui

Total : 30 cadets

Congratulations to all. Please see Ms Mary on 01/02 (Friday) after school (12:30pm) at NPCC room to collect a few forms (to be filled up and returned on 05/02). Please also submit your CCA Option Form if you have not done so.

ฬєє tєςк

Example: CATHERINE LOW. Lol.

And something for my Squad Mate:
I think this is how the position thingy work.

NCO Appointments 2008 (updated)

All Sec 3 cadets (NCOs-to-be), Zi Peng & Si Ling, please write on a piece of paper the following:

  1. your rank & name
  2. your nomination for NCO Coordinator from your squad (including Zi Peng & Si Ling)
  3. your nomination for Assistant NCO Coordinator from your squad (including Zi Peng & Si Ling)
  4. your 1st 3 choices of appointments/department (in order of preference, but not including squad instructor as all of you will be a squad instructor) that you would like to take on as a NCO
  5. the level/squad that you would like to be in-charge of as a Squad Instructor

Please refer to the “NCOs’ Roles & Responsibilities” in the sidebar for more info about the appointments available and the roles & responsibilities of the various appointments. Please do not discuss with your squadmates your nominations/choices. You should do this on your own and not share it with any of your squadmates. Please also note that this exercise serve as a consideration for the TOs & CIs when we determine your NCO appointment. Hence, please take this exercise seriously.

Note: For NCO Coordinator and Assistant NCO Coordinator, if possible, try to nominate such that they are of different gender. But, if there are no suitable candidates, single gender is also acceptable.

Please submit it to me by 30/01/08 and help to disseminate this info to your other squadmates.

ฬєє tєςк

Ya, all cope from OPNP blog de XD


I was thinking about a squad blog?

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